Why Miley Cyrus Is The Unsung Political Hero Of Our Generation

by Zara Barrie

I really, really, really LOVE me a bit of the gorgeous Miley Cyrus.

A few years ago, I might have said I loved Miley's style and personality, but didn't love her music, but that has changed as well, babes. Even this '90s grunge chick has succumbed and owned up to the fact that some of her music is, well, pretty creative and pretty gut-wrenching.

I mean, come on, "Wrecking Ball" is a modern masterpiece. If Miley wailing "all you ever did was break me" from the deepest part of her soul, fearlessly singing out her most vulnerable emotions, doesn't make you feel something -- well, then you, my emotionally-removed darling, are dead inside. It's OK, I was once dead inside too, so there's hope.

And yes, the masses get offended by her and her "outrageous" behavior and constant pot-smoking. Her revealing outfits and hypersexual demeanor are forever deemed "too much," and everyone gets all pseudo-prim and southern-belle-like when they talk about her: "Oh, how could such a sweet CHRISTIAN former Disney star cut off all her hair and identify as queer... what a slut!"

OK, Ms. Posh Perfect Manners, you aren't fooling any of us with your big Texas hair (we know you're hiding all your sins in that backcombed beehive) and silver Tiffany cross necklace, so please suspend your girl-hating judgment of my babe Miley.

Because I happen to think Miley is an unsung political hero. Especially on her Instagram.

Now, now. I can feel you getting angry from through the screen. Girls with short hair who show their midriffs shouldn't be associated with politics, should they now? WRONG. We need MORE girls with short hair who are sex positive and recklessly outspoken in politics. Having extreme opinions on social issues isn't just a game for white men in expensive suits.

Also, badass babes like Halsey and Miley and Ruby have a reach to the demographic that matters the most to our future: the youth.

Miley has 47.6 million Instagram followers. 47.6 MILLION. That's way more than white balding men in suits. And her following is engaged. And the majority of her following are young and impressionable and worship celebrities. Celebrities have way more influence on the youth than anyone else, for better or for worse.

And yeah, Miley is sexy and controversial and likes to smoke joints (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, she's not vehemently promoting alcohol which kills far more young people than pot), but she also uses her voice to stand up for some really powerful movements in our country.

Here are some examples:

She gets political after the #RNC.

Miley Cyrus low-key takes a dig at the misogynistic, hateful, dangerous Donald Trump campaign with this tongue-in-cheek hat: MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN.

She's showing her fans she vehemently loves her queer fans and that she's against the aggressive nature of the Trump campaign by taking his slogan and giving it a fab liberal twist.

This is very, very important as the election is close and we need to influence young people to pay attention to POLITICS. And don't ever doubt the power of fashion for social change. It all starts with the arts.

She educates us on vegan lifestyle products.

Look kittens, in this cruel world, we have to look out for the innocent creatures. And who are the most innocent creatures on the planet? Animals. She's got their backs and is giving them a voice by introducing us to the vegan lifestyle.

And I didn't know that silk wasn't vegan. So thank you, sweet Miley. I'm into it.

She takes a stand against senseless tragedy.

With all the political garble working its way through the internet, Miley takes to Instagram to educate young people about a young Pakistani woman who was tragically killed in a hate crime, thus putting our "problems" into perspective.

She shows her dedication to social injustice.

Not only does she show her alliance with #blacklivesmatter, but she shows off the Twitter handles of two American politicians to her fans who might not be politically informed at all and maybe didn't even know politicians could have something as cool as Twitter.

She shows her alliance with the transgender community.

The transgender community is all too often left out of the LGBTQ conversation and Miley lets 47.6 million of her followers know that she fiercely supports them.

She starts her own movements.

Best of all, Miley started the Happy Hippie foundation to share her message of acceptance and social activism to the world. She uses her Instagram to promote Happy Hippie all the time. In this post, she shows off a picture of The Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the gay rights movement in the country. She teaches her young readers a little bit of queer history and shows that having a voice is really cool.

Agree with her politics or not, regardless of how you feel, she's showing young women everywhere that it's OK to express yourself, it's OK to be different, it's OK to be queer and that it's actually really awesome to take a stand in this male-orientated, increasingly violent, world.

Scrolling through her Instagram reminded me that I can make a difference and my voice does matter. And I'm 30. If only I had been privy to all this at 15? I would be running the world by now.