The Simple Concept Men Need To Master In Their 20s To Be Successful.

Drew Schrimsher

As you navigate through your quarter life crisis, no doubt you will read your fair share of “things you should do in your 20s” or 10 Things you should know before you turn 30” lists.

Learn how to tie a tie, start investing, travel the world, jump out of a plane, have as much sex as possible, don't have any sex, fall in love, don't get married, YOLO, etc.

Trust me I agree with all of that; there's some validity in everything. But what does it really take to be successful?

There is really one skill, or art, that you truly need to master. It's the art of dick control. Believe me when I tell you everything will fall into place once you master this.

It's something that most men never master. It's something that it took me way too long to wrap my head around (no pun intended). I'm just starting to really understand and embrace this concept and I'm pushing 30. I only wish I would have learned this a few years ago.

The earlier you master it, the better your life will be all around. Not just romantically speaking.

Now most guys would say they are perfectly in control of their dicks, I get it. But there's more to it than just not being the douche who drops unsolicited pics in DM inboxes. That's the bare minimum.

There are several key components of dick control and that it is imperative that you master before you hit 30.

Learn to only involve yourself with women who it makes sense to be involved with.

This doesn't mean every girl you meet has to or will be a forever thing. But avoid "crazy," clingy women or any other type of women that will hold you back -- at all costs. Even if it's just a fling.

One bad decision can lead to a lifetime of headaches.

You must learn to be selective, even in your hookups. One bad night with someone with nothing to lose could lead to a lifetime of headaches.

Quit feeling like you have to prove something.

In other words, quit fucking just to fuck. It kind of goes back to the previous point, but do learn to be discretionary. Contrary to popular belief, your body count doesn't make you any cooler and you do not get points for saying you've slept with an insane amount women.

There are a lot of things you might get from those statistic, but cool points aren't one of them.

Quit competing with your friends.

Again, your body count doesn't make you cooler. Again, no, "cool" points don't count for shit. You can't redeem them for any prizes, therefore there are no trophies.

Quit wasting your time and feeling you need to fuck more women or even prettier women than the rest of the squad. Just focus on doing what makes sense for you.

Quit feeling like women owe you anything.

Grow up bro, that's not how the world works. I know you think you're God's gift to world, as you should, but ultimately that's not up for you to decide.

Nobody owes you anything and women definitely don't owe you anything. In fact, that line of thinking is very dangerous and I would hope this is a moot point for the vast majority.

Quit feeling like you need sex.

Because you don't. TRUST ME. In fact, a little time without is probably needed. Here's why.

Quit making decisions bad or spontaneous decisions in the name of sex (or even love).

We've all been guilty of this directly or indirectly at one point or another. You know you can't afford that car, but you buy anyway because the “chicks'll dig it.”

Stop it.

Your life will improve dramatically.

If you want something or want to do something go for it. But you'll lose every time if the motivation behind it is getting attention from the opposite sex.

Do yourself a favor and master these things before you get married also. Don't wait until you settle down to get it together, either.

Start working on this ASAP, if you find you yourself guilty of any of the aforementioned concepts. You'll find not only will your romantic life benefit, but you're life in general will approve dramatically.