Why Libra Women Make The Greatest Friends In The Zodiac

by Rosey Baker
Guille Faingold

Every girl needs a Libra woman in her life. Not trying to make them sound like accessories or anything, but they're the f*cking greatest, die-hard female friends you will ever find.

Libra women are born with an inherent understanding of the sacred bond of female friendships, like they've all been raised on movies like Thelma & Louise.

Even for someone like me, who has fallen out of touch with pretty much every friend I've ever been close with, my best girlfriend has made sure that we haven't gone a full week without talking or texting since she moved out of New York three years ago.

This article is a love letter to everything my Libra gal pals have taught me about being a good friend.

If Someone Hurts You They Will Trash Them

If someone hurts your feelings, even by accident, your Libra girlfriends will trash them and make you see how great you are in the process.

If someone gets married and posts about it and you're sitting there like "where's my ring?" your Libra girlfriends will remind you that hot people have more options, so it takes longer for them to settle down.

...Can't argue with that logic, can you ladies?

They Always Understand Your Side Of Things

Because Libra is the sign of justice, equality, and fairness, Libras are born with an ability to understand there are two sides to every situation.

You're human, and humans f*ck up, but where another sign might be less inclined to step into your shoes to understand where you're coming from, a Libra will go out of their way to understand your position, even if it's ruined their day.

They are extremely thoughtful, loving, kind, and compassionate people.

They'll Teach You How To Conduct Yourself

Libra women are polite, yet not-to-be-f*cked with. For those of us who struggle with being a graceful person (ahem, myself) their willingness to be understanding and cordial will serve as an example to you.

You may or may not choose to implement that example in your own life, but it's there.

At the very least, you'll learn how to be more considerate of others because of how considerate you Libra gal pal is of you.

They're Always Down To Hang

Being the sign of partnership means Libras are always down for a good hang session. They absolutely love company, and they'll never bail on you when you've made plans because they absolutely HATE that.

This might be challenging if you're a flakey type, but you'll learn how to show up even when you don't feel like it.

Not to mention, when you make plans with a Libra gal, she'll take into account both your tastes, preferences, and needs as well as her own, so as long as you're willing to go with the flow you'll never have to worry about coming up with a compromise.

They'll Improve Your Social Life

If you don't have a Libra friend already, I'd suggest you get out there and meet some people. You'll find one, because they're the most sociable sign in the zodiac.

In fact, if you're more of an introvert, your Libra friend will be the one who gets you out of the house and out on the town. They need a fun social life the way the rest of us need food and water; they can't live without it!

They know everyone and are always happy to introduce their friends to one another, so you'll likely make more friends as a result of their charm.