10 Reasons A Libra Woman Is The Best Partner In The Zodiac

by Catriona Shalvey

Fall is one of the most popular seasons, and it's not just for the PSLs and pumpkin picking all the basics of the world love.

It's Libra season! We get to celebrate the birthdays of our favorite people and best friends.

Libras are known for being friendly and outgoing.

You know that person who everyone seems to flock to at a party? Or the person you find yourself telling your whole life story to, even though you've only met her hours or even minutes ago?

I'm willing to bet that person is a Libra.

Libras are the quintessential best friends, and therefore, they are some of the best people to date.

Here are 10 reasons why you should date a Libra woman:

1. Libras are outgoing.

First dates are almost always awkward, but not with a Libra.

A Libra is naturally outgoing and easy to talk to.

You won't find yourself with uncomfortable pauses, trying to think of an interesting question to ask your date because your Libra will automatically make you feel comfortable, and conversation will just flow.

 2. Libras get along with the guys.

Libras are laid-back and easygoing; they're chill AF.

They get along with everyone and are happy hanging on the couch and playing COD with your buddies, or sharing pitchers of cheap beer and playing pool.

While dating a Libra, you don't have to worry about her clinging to you on a night out because she'll be too busy talking with your friends to worry about unnecessary PDA.

3. Libras are the women you bring home to Mom.

Libras thrive in social situations. They're naturally charismatic, classy and charming, all characteristics Mom is a sucker for.

She'll be able to hold a conversation with your parents without being awkward or shy. Your parents will see she's sweet and caring, and they will eat that sh*t up.

4. Libras are caring.

A Libra is selfless, and she is always thinking of others before herself.

She'll see the best in any situation and looks at the glass half full.

A Libra will put your needs before her own and be supportive of your dreams. She's the one who will rub your shoulders when you get home, ask how your day was and mean it.

5. Libras have a great sense of intuition.

Libras can always seem to tell when something isn't right with the people they love.

She'll be empathetic to you even in the smallest ways. She'll be able to give you a look and touch your arm in a way that says, "Are you okay? I'm here for you."

6. Libras aren't fighters.

Libras are known for their cooperative nature. They are the diplomats of the world.

This means dating a Libra involves minimal stress. A Libra won't want to fight about things, but this doesn't mean she'll ignore the problem and brush it off.

Instead, a Libra will talk it out, she'll work with you to find a solution and she certainly won't go to bed angry.

7. Libras are creative.

Dating a Libra means dating a creative soul.

Dates will always be interesting and fun. Whether you're staying in for the night, or planning a weekend getaway, it will always be an adventure.

She'll be willing to try new things and keep the romance alive.

8. Libras are balanced.

Libras are represented by scales to show their desire for balance and peace in the world.

When dating a Libra, she'll always try to chose the path that pleases the most. That makes things like group outings with friends easy to plan and organize.

She's a peacemaker and wants to keep everyone around her happy.

9. Libras are smart.

Libras are known for being intellectual, and they will constantly challenge you with conversation. She will surprise you with her vast knowledge and interest in learning.

You'll be proud to introduce her to your boss, friends and family.

10. Libras will be your best friends.

All people have certain qualities they look for in significant others, but friendship is likely near the top of the list.

Most people who are happily married say it's because they married their best friends. Some of the most successful relationships start as friendships.

So if you get Libra, hold on to her. Dating a Libra will set you up for a lifetime of happiness, if you're lucky enough to fall in love with one.