9 Last-Minute Packing Tips If You're Going On A Spontaneous Holiday Trip

Thomas Martinsen/Unsplash

Spontaneous trips can be the best time of your life, but the packing that comes before is a serious pain in the butt.

Especially at the last minute, there's no way you'll have time to research your destination to find out exactly what you need for your Fourth of July getaway.

Use your resources wisely to ensure quick, stress-free packing. The internet alone is home to thousands of tips and hacks to make your suitcase as organized as possible, so you'll be ready to hit the road and jet off to paradise in no time.

Here are nine last-minute packing tips if you're going on a spontaneous holiday vacation. Bon voyage, and happy packing.

1. Try Your Hand At Bundle Wrapping

It looks pretty complicated, but it's worth learning since it saves a ton of space in your suitcase.

Remember to leave any items you may need in a pinch outside of the bundle, as it would take a long time to reach anything that's in the middle.

This method is not recommended for carry-on luggage at the airport, as it is not TSA search-friendly.

2. Check Pinterest For Ready-Made Packing Checklists

Let someone else do the thinking for you.

Packing checklists have been made and shared on Pinterest that cover almost everywhere in the world. There are lists for different occasions, times of year, or any other important detail you could possibly think of.

These checklists will help keep you organized and ensure that packing goes a lot faster.

3. Utilize Your Shoes

That little space inside each of your shoes can go a long way, so it's time to put it to good use.

You can stuff your socks in there, to keep all your footwear together, or you can use that room to store small toiletry items, like travel-sized toothpaste.

4. Roll Instead Of Fold

Many expert packers of the internet have come to the conclusion that rolling your clothes instead of folding them is a more efficient way of packing.

It seems to save a lot more space, and leaves clothes generally wrinkle-free without the creases of folding.

5. Cater To TSA Rules While You're Packing

It could save you a lot of time at the airport.

One item that does not follow TSA guidelines can cause a major delay in your plans if officers need to search your bag. It could be no big deal, but it could also require a complete search of all your baggage, or yourself.

6. Protect Your Liquids

To avoid any spills that could ruin everything in your suitcase, put a piece of plastic wrap (or re-use old grocery bags) between the bottle and the cap to keep everything inside.

If bottles get crushed during travel or a spill does happen, no worries.

7. Pack Smart

Tim Trad/Unsplash

Odds are, you won't need your entire wardrobe for a long weekend at the beach.

Take a look at some weather forecasts and get a better idea of what you'll actually be wearing. When it doubt, bring a sweater or jacket, but leave the winter coat at home.

If you want to give yourself options, pack a lot of the basics. Solid colors and simple patterns can all mix and match, giving you a wide variety of outfits with just a few items to pack.

8. Don't Pack Too Tightly

From personal experience, I can vouch for this one.

When items are packed tightly together, it's a lot harder for TSA agents to see what's in your bag. The scanner simply x-rays what's below it and cannot distinguish shapes of common items.

Packing anything too tightly, even TSA-approved items, will put you at higher risk for a bag inspection before you can board your flight.

9. Invest In Travel Size Booze

TSA allows passengers to carry on containers less than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) of liquid. Travel size bottles of alcohol are around 50 milliliters, which means you can bring a couple with you.

For checked baggage, you can have up to 1.3 gallons of booze, so go crazy.