7 Kid Things All Adults Should Still Be Doing In The Summer In Their 20s

London Scout/Unsplash

No one purposely loses sight of those adorable childlike behaviors that sent our imaginations flying. Life happens, and you're shoved into adulthood before you know it.

Adulting doesn't leave much time for having your head in the clouds, or building seemingly indestructible pillow forts in the living room.

It's not fair, but there's always room to reclaim some of those tendencies we had back when we were kids.

Summer effortlessly gives us that liberation. So, this season, cut a few of those ties to hardcore adulting and loosen the straps for some chill kid fun.

There are more than a few kid things adults in their 20s should still be doing throughout the summer.

1. Go Off To Camp

Did you know that there are actually adult summer camps? Genius, I know.

Besides the spiked orange juice in the morning, you can get immediately sent back to those cherished camp fires, hikes, and s'mores... duh.

2. Build A Living Room Fortress

Look, a staycation shelter in the living room while you watch movies is amazing. Only now, instead of keeping out the monsters, you're just be blocking out the world. No biggie.

3. Savor Mountains Of Ice Cream

Puk Khantho/ Unsplash

Options, the main beauty of ice cream. There's a flavor for whatever mood you're in, and hell, your curiosity should make you want to try all of them.

4. Admire The Night Sky

Just because you were pushed into the big world, doesn't mean you stop gazing at the big, uncharted one above you.

Grab a blanket to star-gaze, and live a little.

5. Hang Out With Your Parents

Parents really aren't the buzzkill we make them out to be. As kids, our parents were our superheroes. So, swallow that pride and make room for a sidekick, OK?

6. Watch Disney Movies

Oh, Disney.

Those very movies shaped us into the hopeful souls we are today as adults. Maybe we never became princesses or found our prince, but there's something magical about each scenario... and that has summer written all over it.

7. Play Catch Or Double Dutch

Since when did we stop going outside and hanging with our friends in the yard? Double dutch was the sh*t, and the only point of doing it was to have fun and sing random nursery rhymes the entire time.

Our childlike magic may have escaped us as we got older, but the forgiving thing about that is it never really went anywhere. It was just waiting for you to tap back into it.