How Staying In Is The Best Way To Be Healthy While Doing Absolutely Nothing

by Dayana Aleksandrova
MGM Studios

FOMO is so last year. The fear of missing out no longer drives 20-somethings past the couch on a Saturday night. Ain't nobody got the time or energy to go get fucked up just because everyone else is.

Looks like we've finally managed to make our own decisions and let go of societal pressures telling us we should be roaming the streets of NYC or Barcelona wasted at 4 am on any given weekend. We're looking at the dawn of a new age, people!

The joy of missing out (JOMO) is here to stay and it's freakin' amazing. Here are eight pleasures JOMO brings anti-social people:

1. A Bangin' Body

Not tagging along with the crew on a Saturday night means not consuming stupid amounts of alcohol, which means less calories, fat and sugar. Basically, abs, baby!

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where you wake up at 10 am on a Sunday morning, and hit up the hiking trails instead of spending the whole day in bed moaning (of a headache, not the good kind)?

Miss out on the party this weekend and go get your ass in shape. Thank me later.

2. Creative Inspiration

How many times have you had a brilliant idea and managed to write it in the middle of knocking back Jäger shots at the bar? My grand total is zero.

Learning to embrace the joy of missing out teaches you to appreciate downtime, and gives you the time to connect with your own thoughts and see what's going on in your head.

3. You'll Get The Best Skin Ever

Ever been jealous of that girl who sips on chardonnay while watching "House of Cards" in a silk robe while you're out being hit on by a sloppy bro whose shirt seems to have consumed more beer than his mouth? I used to, until I became her.

JOMO helps you focus on yourself and take really good care of your overall health, which let's be real: We all desperately need after this wild summer.

4. Better Work Performance

What would it be like to live in a world where you actually got to work on time and hit your targets rather than drowning in paranoia as you wait to see what HR wants to tell you about your performance? It's good, my friends, it's good.

Drop the unnecessary stress of accepting every invite that comes your way, you'll minimize recovery time and be able to focus at work with a clear head.

5. Individuality

When you stop doing things out of fear of missing out, you'll be rewarded with the joy of doing things that truly make you feel good because that's who you really are, not because someone else told you to.

I never knew I was into nature because I kept going along with the things my crew wanted to do like Taco Tuesday and margarita meet-ups. No thanks. I'll take a brisk walk in the woods over making small talk any day.

6. Not Selling Yourself Short

The big concept behind FOMO is that if we miss out, we won't find our place in society. Well, that's a whole lot of bullshit. Instead of showing up to things you don't really want to do in hopes of not being socially rejected, you could recognize that your time and company is valuable.

I used to go on dates I didn't want to go on because I felt like I needed male attention to validate myself as a desirable person. After embracing JOMO, I had enough time to get to know myself better, analyze why I was behaving in certain ways and become more mindful of situations where I did things for the wrong reasons.

Goodbye one-night stands and hello being selective as hell, because I'm sick and tired of wasting my time with people who don't appreciate me.

7. Major Money Savings

Have you ever had the balls to open up your account on Sunday morning and calculate exactly how much you spent on drinks, clubs, cabs and late night snacks the night before? Didn't think so.

Ever since discovering JOMO, I've enjoyed my large bank account.

Newsflash: Spending a few bucks on a miraculous face scrub that makes your face radiant as hell or signing up for a spin class instead of wondering where you blew all your money comes way cheaper than eight spicy margaritas or buying a new iPhone because you lost yours, again.

8. Seeing Who Your True Friends Are

The hard part of JOMO is finding like-minded people who will stick around for 9 am Sunday brunch and prefer meaningful talks to throwing dollar bills at strippers at bachelorette parties.

It's not hopeless though. One of two things will happen when you start experiencing JOMO: Your friends will follow because they'll realize you're doing life right, or you'll see who can really hang and who's just using you to fill up the room.

Either way, you're still winning.