The Struggle: 29 Thoughts Everyone Has When Deciding On An iPhone Upgrade

September 9: the day everyone is celebrating the release of the newest and greatest iPhone.

Apple has been bait-and-switching us ever since the first iPhone hit shelves. We feed into their amazing advertisements and promises of unshatterable screens, yet those promises never seem to get fulfilled.

Will the iPhone 6 be the model that actually achieves what it sets out to? Do we really care? Will we buy it anyway?

Yes, of course, we will because it's basically social suicide not to have the latest version of a phone that does essentially the exact same thing as the one you already have.

As we clutch onto our iPhone 5s and (gasp!) 4s models, we debate if it's really worth upgrading because, honestly, who has a couple hundred dollars lying around — I sure as hell don't. But it doesn't matter because we need anything that is new.

So, what does the internal process look like for someone trying to make this difficult decision? Well, the questions and thoughts go a little something like this...

1. I'm going on vacation with a bunch of my friends this upcoming weekend, I'll probably lose my phone... better wait to upgrade.

2. My phone has been cracked for the past three months and I've been waiting for this day since. I need to get that upgrade immediately.

3. Does anyone in my family have an upgrade?

4. My dad doesn't even know what an iPhone is, I can totally steal his upgrade.

5. I can't be stuck with this old POS iPhone 5 if my younger brother is getting an upgrade.

6. I deserve this.

7. I need it, though.

8. Is it worth sacrificing a week's worth of meals for?

9. Definitely.

10. I can't be the only one without it.

11. Will this new software realize I'm not saying "ducking"?

Seriously autocorrect? I am never, under any circumstances, trying to say "duck." — Laura Argintar (@LARGTwITS) September 9, 2014

12. Will it stop capitalizing "OMG" and "UGH"?

13. I'm really not that excited.

14. Or shocked.

15. Or in distress.

16. Sexting really loses its flow when there are typos.

17. The iPhone 6 better get its sh*t together.

18. I've been saving for this upgrade since my iPhone 4.

19. You won't trick me, Apple.

20. I've outsmarted you this time.

21. I know this one will be different.

22. I mean, it has to be different -- Apple's on its sixth version!

23. Apple's probably just going to steal my money.

24. But I don't care!

25. I'll have the new iPhone and that's all that matters.

26. I will be the envy of everyone at this pregame.

27. That is, until everyone else hops on the bandwagon.

28. And you know where that will leave me?

29. Scrolling Instagram and waiting for the iPhone 7...

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It