Here's How To Watch The 2017 Solar Eclipse Online


The spectacular 2017 solar eclipse is upon us. If you were lucky enough to snag a pair of eclipse glasses before the frenzy, you're probably super excited to see what you can of this special event with your own eyes. For anyone who wasn't able to grab a pair of glasses, don't sweat it. There are a few factors that could actually make today's viewing of the moon eclipsing the sun difficult to see no matter what. You might not have been able to travel to a place located in the path of totality, you may be stuck working in your cubicle all day, or the sky may be too overcast to see anything at all. If you're worried you might miss this celestial affair, don't be. Here's how to watch the solar eclipse online as it happens.

There are a few live streams broadcasting today's solar eclipse. NASA TV is doing a live stream of the eclipse on YouTube and on UStream. The stream is from NASA so you just know this will be an epic viewing. Facebook Live is also teaming up with NASA to stream coverage of the eclipse on NASA's Facebook Page at 12 p.m. ET, so anyone with a Facebook account can view the solar eclipse directly from their phones.

Martin Matej/Stocksy

If you want something even more, CNN teamed up with Volvo and they're doing a cool VR live stream of the solar eclipse. You don't even need virtual reality glasses to view. On your phone and desktop, you can look around and get a full view of the incredible eclipse. If you're just looking for a simple viewing, most news outlets like ABC, NBC, and CBS are doing their own version of eclipse coverage on their sites. TBH, you have to try super hard to avoid solar eclipse live streams when you hit the web, because the hype is so real.

You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #Eclipse2017 to see what people are posting. You don't have to feel left out if you can't view in person. There are plenty of ways to watch the solar eclipse, so you never have to feel FOMO.