How To Cure Any Type Of Winter Blues This Season

"Home Alone" is an awesome choice for your favorite holiday flick ... but not so much as a mandate for your winter weekends.

As the temperature drops and the sun bids us adieu earlier than we'd like, it's easy to hibernate the season away.

There is a case to be made for settling in with some boozy hot chocolate and your sister's Netflix password, but at some point, you will have to brave the outdoors and have real human interaction.

Solo time is cool, but if you're looking for ways to reconnect with your friends during the winter months, take a look at these five ways to break out of your winter funk.

1. Utilize the sunshine.

Blankets of snow are so much prettier when they have that sparkle that can only come from the sun.

Call up a friend and meet her for a nice winter stroll. A little exercise and some Vitamin D will help remind you that there is life outside of your electric blanket.

As long as you're properly bundled and your neighbors break out the shovels, you shouldn't have any problems!

Also, you'll get to remember what your pal's voice actually sounds like instead of only thinking she can talk in emojis.

2. Use food as motivation.

Remove the Chinese delivery from your speed dial and find a brick and mortar establishment that makes you want to actually put on real pants to go try it.

The best way to ensure success here is to schedule it when you're already out, like a post-work happy hour.

Your co-workers are probably similarly gloomy about the cold, and nothing makes your 9 to 5 more tolerable than the thought of delicious food and drinks waiting for you at the day's finish line.

3. Sign up for a fitness class.

An hour on the treadmill doesn't really inspire excitement about going to the gym.

That cool cardio-sculpt class with your squad, though? Now you're talking!

Forgo your ratty sweats and stained tee shirt just this once, too. Working out in the winter requires a little more effort, and you'll be much more likely to get out of the house if you're excited to show off your new, funky leggings.

Oh, and you'll also earn a few more Christmas cookies thanks to your sweat session.

4. Make time for a coffee break.

As much as you love how your Nespresso can replicate a tasty latte, there is something to be said for the atmosphere of a coffeehouse — especially at Christmastime.

If your besties have already headed out of town and you're feeling the itch to get out, the coffeehouse is your best bet.

Grab that book you've been meaning to finish for months and head on over to Starbucks for more than just the free Wifi.

You can read or people watch and just enjoy how much sweeter that peppermint mocha tastes when someone else makes it for you.

5. Say yes to those party invitations.

Winter has a way of sucking more energy than normal out of you.

By 5 pm on Friday, there is nothing more that you would rather do than grab a handful of cookies you spent all night making for your work potluck and slip on your coziest slippers for a night in.

The nosh and movie marathon ritual is nice once in a while, but you've got to get your second wind and get out.

Accept your old college pal's invite and crank up the holiday tunes and sip on festive beverage with your fellow alumni.

Plus, you'll have an excuse to sport that new LBD you gifted yourself on Black Friday.

If you're finding yourself in a lone rut, put down the remote and get out — even if it is 17 degrees. That's what your styling hat and scarf were made for anyway.