10 Ways Living Home Post-College Really Benefits You, Not Just Your Bank Account

by Alexa Mellardo

With graduation quickly approaching, the last few weeks of college life are getting real bittersweet, real fast.

You want to live it up with your squad as much as you can, making the most of your final days on campus before venturing out into the real world as a post-grad.

Once you walk across that stage, accept your diploma with an open heart and throw your graduation cap high in the air with no regrets, reality will start to sink in.

For many of us, we must bid a sad farewell to our college lives as we pack up our things and prepare to move back home after graduation.

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Once you're back at home, the FOMO can be all too real — especially if you live far away from your college squad.

Even though you're turning the page on one chapter of your life, remember this is only the beginning of something new and exciting.

Here's how living at home post-college actually benefits you, and not just the money you'll be saving in the bank.

1. You'll be able to spend a lot more time with your home friends.

2. You may even rekindle old friendships from high school with people you haven't seen at all since you went away to college.


3. You'll be reaping every single (delicious) reward of your mom's home cooking.

4. It's finally time to leave all your worries about classes and studying in the dust. No more school means no more stress.

5. You can use that extra time to re-focus, recharge and embrace new hobbies while you're applying to jobs.


6. You can bond more with your parents. When you think about it, this is probably the only other time in your life you'll have the opportunity to live at home with them again.

7. If you felt a little homesick while you were in college, your happiness level will be through the roof now that you have all the time in the world to spend back in your OG town.

8. When you do reunite with your college friends, it'll make the time you spend with them all the more special… and you will never take it for granted.

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9. The money you'd be using to pay rent every month could be put towards a fun, tropical vacation.

10. You'll be able to spend way more time with (and give so much more love to) the family pet you've barely seen in the last four years.

Even though you'll be missing that #CollegeLife like no other, this next phase of your life is sure to be spectacular in its own way, even if you're living at home.