6 Funny Thoughts We've All Probably Had When Buying A New Bathing Suit

Atikh Bana/Unsplash

Buying a new bathing suit isn't always so simple.

You walk into a store, and suddenly, everything else disappears except for this cute piece of merchandise seemingly calling your name.

OK, this may be a tad dramatic, but the world is our stage.

Only in a perfect world would you simply grab something to buy, and ask questions later.

It's not necessarily a science; it's an inevitable thought process you go through to have complete confidence in your choice.

Some thoughts might be a little outlandish, but you have to cover all of your bases before swiping your credit card.

Here are few of the funny thoughts most of us have probably had when buying a new bathing suit.

1. What Are The Chances These Straps Will Loosen?

The horror.

Maybe you should jump up and down in the dressing room, or try out your go-to dance moves for answers. Either way, you most likely want your bathing suit to showcase a part of your unique personality... not unexpectedly fall off as you're diving into the waves.

It's not that kind of party.

2. Will The Bottoms Disappear In The Water?

Todd Quackenbush/ Unsplash

Whether you're doing a cannonball, or a prestigious dive, you want whatever you went down in, to come back up with you.

3. Am I Going To Need Help Putting This On?

It's OK to show some team spirit, but when it comes to your swimsuit, you want to be able to take it on and off without a hassle.

No one wants to pay for something they're always going to need help putting on.

4. Will I Regret Wearing This For Long Periods Of Time?

Yes, there are time-sensitive clothes, shoes, and accessories.

You know those shoes that are only cute to wear if you aren't doing a lot of walking? The same applies here with bathing suits.

You want to make sure your swimsuit is equipped to withstand long periods of time, without making you feel uncomfortable. This includes the potential for wedgies.

5. Will My Deodorant Smudge?

It's not so much that other people are super persistent about not having deodorant marks; it's usually a personal pet peeve.

We want to make sure the attention is on the moment, and not reading between our deodorant lines.

6. Can I Go To The Bathroom Without Struggling?

This is the golden question.

Because women have to consistently sit down when they go to the bathroom (after long lines, too), you just want to get in and handle your business.

It's an intense anxiety to be right where you need to be, but can't get your clothes or bathing suit off. Don't make an easy thing complicated, and consider accessibility before you bring that bathing suit to the register.

Buying a new swimsuit is genuinely about what you want and what you truly feel good in. If you get the right answers to your own random scenarios, then you're in the clear to buy.