6 Bathing Suit Tops That Were Actually Made For Women With Big Boobs

Big boobs are both a blessing and a curse, especially when it comes to swimsuit season.

While other women share bikini body challenges and learn to make artisanal ice pops, large-chested women find themselves trapped in the lingerie department, trying to fit their ample spheres into tiny triangles.

Finding a bra that fits is tough enough, without factoring in the pressure of being pseudo-nude on the beach and worrying about a potential nip-slip.

It’s hard out there for a large-breasted lady. Avoiding the dreaded underboob, the double boob, and the stress-neck is practically an art form.

Luckily, summer doesn’t have to mean hiding under oversized t-shirts or eschewing the beach entirely.

Recent years have given rise to the availability of bra-sized swimsuit tops, a boon for ladies C-cup and above.

With that in mind, here are a few picks to keep your mind off your lady lumps. And if you have to jump up and down a little, there’ll be no surprises.

We should know -- we’ve tested enough of these tops ourselves.


Sizes: B and D cup, XS to XL

Best for: The woman who’d rather be playing beach volleyball than laying out to tan.

Try: The Kapiti or Kailua tops, which have all the sexiness of a traditional top without any of the flimsiness, thanks to a weight-distributing cross-strap back.


Sizes: 0 to 24, XS to XL

Best for: The woman who cries during the beach scene of “The Notebook,” overwhelmed by Rachel McAdams’ vintage bathing suit and Ryan Gosling’s arm muscles.

Try: This shark print suit, with a classic style designed to flatter any woman's body while comfortably holding in her breasts.


Sizes: A to D cup, 4 to 14

Best for: The wild woman who’d rather her spend her hard-earned cash on tequila shots at the beachside bar than on a swimsuit.

Try: This adorable pineapple print underwire top, which practically screams "party."

Curvy Kate

Sizes: D to K cup

Best for: The woman who doesn't want her cleavage to move an inch, even when swimming.

Try: The Starry Eyed Flamingo suit, which combines serious support with a pop art design.

Victoria’s Secret

Sizes: A to DDD cup, XS to XL

Best for: The woman who needs a little bedazzling in order to feel her sexiest.

Try: The Unforgettable Demi Top, a more modest take on a traditional bikini. If there's a swimsuit to wear while meeting your significant other's parents, this would surely be it.

Swimsuits For All

Sizes: 8 to 34

Best for: The would-be street style muse who can't share an outfit with anyone else on the beach.

 Try: This bright pink two-piece from Gabi Fresh, style blogger and self-proclaimed inventor of the "fatkini."