This Is How Much You Need To Work Out To Burn Off A Fast Food Meal

“Earning” that slice of pizza after an hour at the gym may not be as easy as you think.

Lifestyle website recently created an interactive calculator to help users determine exactly how much they need to work out to burn off a fast food meal. Spoiler alert: Much like a night out, it takes a lot more than a half hour on the treadmill to burn off that Big Mac.

The calculator uses a detailed equation to determine the amount of exercise needed to burn off a specific meal. For the math nerds out there, the equation is:

Calories = METS (calories/kg*hours) x Weight (kg) x Time (hours).

To determine your exercise needs, simply input the variables — your weight and the meal eaten — and let the math machine do its job. The tool offers seven fast-food chains to choose from (including McDonald's, Wendy's and even Dunkin' Donuts), but not all menu items are available for analysis.

Though the calculator is a great tool for those looking to maintain or lose weight, it's not 100 percent accurate: For example, it doesn't take into account factors like muscle mass, body fat or workout intensity — all of which have an impact on the number of calories burned during a given workout.

That said, knowing it takes 55 minutes of running to burn off your daily Java Chip Frappuccino (grande, no whip) is pretty good motivation to keep it in moderation.

Play with the calculator here.

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