4 Reasons I'll Never Give Up Iced Coffee, Even In The Dead Of Winter

by Chelsea Blake

Happy National Coffee Day my fellow caffeine fiends!

I love coffee. Actually, don't we all love coffee? You can call me a Gilmore Girl because I'm all about my morning coffee intake. Hook me up to an IV? As long as it's pumping coffee we're cool.

I'm not too picky when it comes to how I like my cup of joe. I'll drink hot, cold brew or iced coffee. You can even hit me up with a latte, mocha or cappuccino. I'll do it all.

Just not that pumpkin spiced stuff, I will not do that.

I'll say this though: There aren't enough words or emotions to truly express the love that I have for a good iced coffee. Hell, even for a bad one.

I don't care what the weather is like, give me an iced one. A coffee on the rocks, if you will.

Central Pennsylvania winters can get really rough. The cold is bitter, the snow storms are never-ending and the wind chills are awful. Somehow, all of this doesn't matter. I still want my coffee iced and I'm fully prepared to deal with the numbness my fingertips will feel from holding it.

Don't get me wrong; I do drink a lot of hot coffee through the winter to warm up and well, because it's normal. No one wants to stand out every day of their life, and carrying around an iced coffee on Christmas day would be silly. Also, the cool mugs help. Thanks for that one Etsy and Urban Outfitters. Nevertheless, when winter comes and makes itself comfortable, I start to miss my iced joe.

As I'm typing this I'm drinking my 66 cent hot coffee from Dunkin Donuts and rethinking my choice. I should've went cold, but who can refuse a good National Coffee Day deal.

Here are four reasons why I refuse to give up my iced coffee just because it's colder outside:

1. Iced Over Hot

It's just tastier.

There's something about the chill of the ice my coffee runs along that gives it a special taste. It just overly agrees with my taste buds; Heaven in a cup some would say.

I don't care what the weather may be, I would rather have an iced coffee because it's my favorite. No one gives up something they love that easily, NO ONE.

2. Straws Are A Girl's Best Friend

Drinking coffee out of a straw is so much easier for us girls who wear lipstick. I'm going to lose much less on a straw than straddling a cup lid with my mouth, it's practically science.

I don't have the time to re-apply my already perfectly applied lip color. Thank you makeup gods for creating straws, you've helped us all.

3. No Burnt Tongues

I'm not sure anyone enjoys it, but if one thing brings me closer to feeling like I'm in hell, it's a burnt tongue.

It's not a short-lived feeling either. That sh*t hangs around for days; Eating becomes a hassle, and forget about another hot drink until it's over with.

4. My Coffee Stays The Same Temperature

One thing about hot coffee that I can't stand is the fact that when you first get it it's too hot to drink, then it's perfect for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes it's too cold for my liking.

Iced coffees will come cold and then turn cool. They never get warm too quickly and if they do, you aren't drinking them right. Shame on you.

Throw me out in a blizzard with below zero weather and crank that wind chill down to negative 20 degrees, I'll still be holding my iced coffee with a smile, on the inside that is.