It's National Coffee Day -- Here's How To Mooch Some Free Caffeine

by Talia Koren
Jeremy Pawlowski

National Coffee Day is probably the best day to avoid the office Keurig, get outside and grab a free or discounted cup of joe.

Today, there's no excuse to pull one of these:

If you're as obsessed with coffee as we are, these deals are going to make your week.

Here's where you should get your caffeine fix today -- and scoring the deals is as easy as just walking in.

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin is offering a 66 cent medium cup of coffee for National Coffee Day in honor of its 66th anniversary. If you're a Dunkin fan, I bet you're already out the door to get your medium cup of joe for under a buck.


If you live or work near one of these marvelous convenience stores, we have great news for you. Wawa is offering free coffee of ANY size for National Coffee Day. Amen to that!

Krispy Kreme

If you're craving both coffee and a donut, head to Krispy Kreme to get both for free. The coffee and donut chain is offering a free 12-ounce coffee with an original glazed donut. Calories don't count if you get it for free, right?


The west coast coffee shop chain is offering a free cup of coffee with a purchase of any fresh food item. What's better than a free coffee with breakfast or lunch?

Birch Coffee

New Yorkers! If you haven't tried Birch Coffee yet, today is the day you should. They're offering free drip coffee for National Coffee Day. Honestly, Birch is my favorite coffee in New York City, so you know where I'll be heading today on my lunch break.

Gloria Jean's Coffee

Between 2 pm and 5 pm today, Gloria Jean's Coffee will be offering a free eight-ounce White Chocolate Cookie Chiller or small coffee. I've never had a White Chocolate Cookie Chiller, but it sounds amazing.


Starbucks isn't offering any special discounts, BUT on National Coffee Day they're donating a coffee tree for every cup of brewed Mexico Chiapas coffee in the US and Mexico.

They've been helping the coffee industry by donating trees to an afflicted region of Mexico when customers buy bags of coffee, but they're opening it up to cups for National Coffee Day. Starbucks has a goal of giving 20 million trees by the end of the year to help Mexico fight a tree-destroying fungus called "coffee rust."  So far, they've donated 10 million coffee rust resistant trees.

Whole Foods

Like Starbucks, Whole Foods is giving customers a chance to help out instead of offering a discount. For every cup of coffee sold on National Coffee Day, Whole Foods will donate $1 to the Whole Plant Foundation, which benefits poverty relief programs globally.

Why can't every day be National Coffee Day?