World's Best Places to Be Born


In today’s world, it matters where you were born. The passport you carry, the nationality you identify with, and the language you speak all take on diversified contexts, as we live in times of immense global integration. Ever wonder why it can nearly be impossible to get an American visa using an Iranian or Somali passport? Or, why saying you’re American while traveling abroad can often receive unwelcoming or at times brash attitudes.The sheer access to greater opportunities, higher living standards, and improved quality of life all depend where you are born.

Though there is more wealth and opportunity in developing economies than ever before, places like Dubai and Shanghai can surmount tremendously lavish and comfortable lifestyles, if your part of the global Elite. Being wealthy can help, but it does not solely calculate the development of an individual. While Donald Trump continues to taunt President Barack Obama about not being born in the United States, it brings the overarching notion that birth is the ultimate determinant in one's overall standard of life.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, the global tank affiliated with The Economist Magazine, compiled its list of the best places in the world to be born and raised in 2013. The rankings, comprised of noteworthy indicators, measured which nations provide the greatest opportunities for healthy, safety and prosperous living standards. Paying attention to geography, overall happiness, cultural practices, governmental and economic policies of region, all formulate how ranks are determined.

Surprising, shifts in recent global times have ultimately kept influential countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Germany out of the top ten. With several relativity smaller nations from Europe comprising half of the top ten, and the presence of two of Asia’s economic giants, the comprehensive list raises the argument that birth place may ultimately be the new indication for assuming how one's life events unfold.

1) Switzerland

2) Australia

3) Norway

4) Sweden

5) Denmark

6) Singapore

7) New Zealand

8) Netherlands

9) Canada

10) Hong Kong