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Cricket World Cup For Dummies: What Exactly Is This Tournament?

By Van Sharma
Currently, one of the largest sporting events is under way in Australia and New Zealand. The Cricket World Cup officially kicked off in mid-February, and much like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, it takes place every four years. While cricket may…

Why 'Less Is More' Is The New Lifestyle Trend For This Generation

By Van Sharma
The famous 19th century phrase, “less is more,” first noted in an 1855 poem by Robert Browning is part of a greater context of ideas we see in society today. Through its interpretation, this phrase has also made its way to being associated with…

FIFA Is A Mess: How A Winter World Cup Is Actually Becoming A Thing

By Van Sharma
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is dealing with, by far, the most controversial World Cup to date. The global organizing entity behind the World Cup is at the center of more media criticism for its decision to grant Qatar,…

How Growing Up In An Entrepreneurial Family Shows You How To Succeed

By Van Sharma
I eat out a lot. I consistently like trying new trendy places here in London, and ever since I can remember, I've always enjoyed the experience of having a nice meal out. Recently, I was in the mood for Indian, something one can easily find on any…

How Thinking Globally Is The Best Way To Set Yourself Up For Success

By Van Sharma
With so many violent news stories populating today’s headlines, constant changes in foreign affairs and a world that seems more interconnected than ever before, there's one underlying message that often makes me wonder how exactly I fit into the…

'The World Is Too Interesting To Ignore': Why We Need To Open Up To International Cultures

By Van Sharma
In 2014, if there is one underlying message that the world should share, it's that we are a changing society filled with international ideas that force us to rethink the way we look at the world. Today, it’s no surprise that the US no longer reigns…

World's Best Places to Be Born

By Van Sharma
In today’s world, it matters where you were born. The passport you carry, the nationality you identify with, and the language you speak all take on diversified contexts, as we live in times of immense global integration. Ever wonder why it can…

The Reinvented Mile High Club: World's Best Looking Cabin Crews

By Van Sharma
We live in an age of constant communication, where travel has become a fundamental component of the growing global community. Whether business takes you abroad for work, or simply traveling for leisure on holiday, an important aspect of getting to…