What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Drinking Habits

by Ashley Fern

We all know (or should know) that horoscopes are self-fulfilling prophecies and are, overall, a load of crap. However, despite this nonsense, it is always interesting to see if they hold any merit.

Which behaviors do you actually exhibit that are consistent with your zodiac sign? Do you think this is indicative of a truth or just happen to be a coincidence? Think what you want and think what you may.

While I believe this is all a load of bullsh*t, it is always fun to explore what different signs say about an individual. What's even more entertaining is to see how members of different signs interact with one another in various situations. Which signs get along with others and which do not?

In true Elite Daily form, we are gong to analyze the drunken behaviors behind each astrological sign. Take this lightly, since we all know astrology means sh*t anyway.


Known for having an outgoing and friendly demeanor, an intoxicated Aries will bounce from person to person, checking in and making sure everyone else is enjoying themselves as much as the Aries is.

If not, you can count on this person to buy you enough shots until you are on his or her level. If you are ever in a bad mood, this is definitely the person you want to hit up for happy hour.


Said to be one of the more loyal astrological signs, this person will be by your side no matter what. Need a good wingman for the night? This is whom you should be calling.

Be careful though because once a Taurus is blacked out, the stubbornness will be sure to emerge. If they don't like your game plan for the night, rest assured they will not succumb to this peer pressure, especially when alcohol is involved.

This is also perhaps the worst person to get into a drunken altercation with, as they are temperamental by nature.


This symbol represents twins and is known for its multiple personalities. You know how difficult it is to go out and drink with someone whose demeanor can change at the drop of a hat?

Geminis cannot tolerate indecisive people, so you better know exactly what you are doing that night and who you are seeing. Be careful when you go out with Geminis, as they cannot stand to remain in one place for too long.

You know that one friend who disappears the second they black out? Chances are he or she is a Gemini.


This is the emotional waste case, the person who starts crying in a heap on the floor when something does not go his or her way.

Cancers display an array of emotions in any given situation, which is why drinking with them is not always ideal. One moment they are having the time of their lives and the next they are screaming at the bartender.


Get the liquor flowing and a Leo's mouth will not stop moving. Leos don't hold back their opinions, regardless if they are offensive.

Everyone knows how chatty people start to get after they've thrown multiple shots back. Be careful when trying to put Leos in their place, as their natural role is similar to a lion: a leader.


You can find these perfectionists sipping wine at the end of the bar, solo, after a rough day at the office. These are not your ideal drinking partners, as they tend to keep more to themselves as opposed to a crowd of people. Dive bars? Yeah right.


Virgos are neat freaks and hate less than exceptional establishments. If you are looking for a classy night out on the town, then look no further than your Virgo friend.


A Libra is perhaps one of the best people to go out and get hammered with. They are the happy-go-lucky types who always want everyone to have fun.

They are level-headed, which is a great quality to have when getting sh*tfaced. When your two friends get in a fight, you can always count on a Libra to mediate the situation.


Give a Scorpio a flight of tequila and watch his or her opinions unfold. Scorpios do not hold anything back, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

However, they are the people who will drink with you throughout any given situation. The best part is they tend to hide their emotions, so you never have to worry about your Scorpio friend getting sh*tfaced and crying in the middle of the bar.


Be careful when partying with a Sagittarius, as he or she has a sharp tongue by nature. Alcohol and anger do not mix well, so you better watch what you say around these people.

As they drink throughout the night, you will notice how their flirtatious personality quickly emerges. Need a wingman or double date partner? This is who you are going to call.

Daring Wanderer


Capricorns, or should we say chameleons, are the perfect drinking buddies, as they can acclimate to whichever situation they are thrown into.

This is your carefree friend who just wants to have fun. They don't care who, what, when or where. They only care how -- how they are getting f*cked up.


Be careful when drinking with an Aquarius because one moment everything can be going great as you take shots at the bar, but the moment you slip up and piss him or her off, sh*t will hit the fan.

People of this sign have quick-changing personalities, which makes getting intoxicated with them an experience all in its own.


A Pisces displays the most extreme of emotions, which makes getting hammered with him or her quite interesting. Be careful of Pisces' mood swings because that one extra shot can really throw them over the edge.

When trying to go on a spontaneous drinking endeavor, a Pisces would be at the top of your list, as they are the type to go with the flow rather than fight the current.