#WinterIsComing: 17 Things Women Can Only Get Away With During The Summer

August seems to be disappearing. It’s going by so quickly, that before you know it, we’ll be wearing boots and coats and moaning about the snow instead of the humidity.

Summer is the best season of all, and there are about two weeks left to make the most of the opportunities the warmer months present to women. Be sure to embrace the below for the remainder of the greatest season of all.

1. Wearing no makeup.

By late June, we realized it was a waste of time, money and Bobbi Brown bronzer to bother because it had slipped off our faces before we got on the subway. Embrace being au naturel.

2. Wearing your hair in a ponytail.

All the time. I think my hair is actually now holding itself in a ponytail, no elastic needed. It will be taken down precisely when my frizz departs.

3. Wearing basically no clothes.

We feel so smugly sorry for the men during summer. There are sweat stains on shirts and some serious discomfort when a three-piece suit is involved.

For us? We are exposing more skin than we’re covering, and we totally get away with it. If your midriff isn't showing, you're doing it wrong.

4. Eating fro-yo all the time.

I personally have no qualms about eating it in -20 temperatures. However, it’s considered much more "normal" to suggest fro-yo as a means to cool down.

Unfortunately, you may be going solo to 16 Handles come September.

5. Getting/staying skinny.

You may have dieted to look good in a bikini, you may naturally be craving salads (as if, they're the worst) more than stodgy comfort foods.

Come winter time, you’ll be spending more time with Netflix and Seamless than with friends or at the gym. Run your fingers over your abs as frequently as possible, they'll be gone soon.

6. Drinking silly amounts of rosé.

During winter, if you drank two bottles every single night, you would be branded an alcoholic.

In the summer, you're just "making the most of the amazing weather." Plus, the earlier you start, the better.

7. Wearing sunglasses everywhere.

Including indoors, pretending you casually forgot to take them off.

Doing this during summer months is borderline-acceptable, and given how flattering huge sunglasses are, borderline sounds OK to us.

8. Deliberately looking like this.

There is no such thing as being too tanned. We will start to think about melanomas and wrinkles come fall, but for now, if there's sun, we're lying in it.

Tell the haters you wear a high SPF (kind of) and you need your Vitamin D.

9. Drinking six iced coffees every day.

Iced coffee just slips down so smoothly and deliciously, but sadly, some stores don't even sell it in December.

Get your fill now because before you know it, Starbucks' red cups will be back.

10. Thinking trashy magazines are acceptable and stimulating reading material.

Because, well, they kind of are, especially when you read a varied selection.

It's hard to keep up on the number of Kim's marriages, and we can't focus when we're hot. We'll start Tolstoy when it gets cold.

11. Wearing all-neon everything. Including makeup and nails, and still not looking trashy.

I mean, we can at least pretend neon pink pants are classy in August, because we're tan and there are music festivals.

By October, it'll have to be back to the more socially acceptable grey and black uniform.

12. Pumping the music up crazy high, singing along badly and not being a total assh*le.

This is fun in the summer -- especially in a convertible, wearing a headscarf, pretending you're Grace Kelly. This is entirely not OK in the winter.

13. Speaking with a totally fake, sexy accent that we "picked up" on our travels to Europe.

Whether or not you've ever left America in your life, a fake accent is totally plausible in summer, when everyone's jet setting and it's hard to keep track of your friends' plans.

A randomly adopted British accent in the winter, however, is obviously ridiculous and simply confusing.

14. Going out with no purse.

Because unlike in winter, you don't need somewhere to store your scarf, gloves and lip balm. Embrace the freedom and know what it feels like to be a guy on a night out.

15. Sunbathing topless.

In no other season would it be socially acceptable for women to bare their breasts when they feel like it. It may actually be illegal in winter.

During the summer months, however, this is positively encouraged and makes you chic and European. Here's to no tan lines!

16. Having a less-than-stellar attendance record at whatever you are meant to be doing.

Class is out and internships are in, but your "sick days" seem to be more frequent when it's 90 degrees out.

While being this sketchy would be sure to get you fired in November, summer Fridays are actually a legit thing in some places.

17. Using our "dehydrated state" as an excuse to be rude to tourists sweltering in the city and blocking the sidewalk.

No wait, we can and do hate tourists, year round.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It