The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going To The University Of Maryland


Ever wonder what you get when you pack 27,000 students onto one campus and give them countless ways to lose all of their brain cells? The answer is the home of the Terrapins: The University of Maryland.

UMD offers what many universities cannot: a fine balance between its academics and its social life. College Park epitomizes every "Animal House"-esque film you've ever seen, with a strong splash of Long Island and New Jersey. Without further ado, we present the 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going To The University Of Maryland:

1. Everyone is from New York, Jersey or Philly

2. When you experience the stir fry from the South Campus diner for the first time

3. Girls drink more Zelko than they do water

4. The post-bar Jimmy John's sandwich is the best part of your night

5. It comes down to Barking Dog or Cornerstone on Loose Tuesday

6. When you make the wrong decision about which bar to go to on Loose Tuesday

7. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse...there is no post-game after Loose Tuesday

8. You've never lost a battle of Jewish geography

9. When you are on a texting basis with the bouncer at the Barking Dog

10. Every athlete is riding around on a Vespa...while you walk

11. When the students who don't get into UMD first semester live like royalty at the Varsity

12. Frat guys have target practice on Bid Day when girls sprint from the Chapel

13. When you find out how many girls in Alpha Phi have nipple piercings

14. No one turns the lights off at a FIJI party

15. Why go to a football game when you can tailgate

16. If a girl needs a shoulder to cry on, the boys in TKE or AEPi don't mind the friend zone

17. "Clowning" is the greatest thing to happen to the guys in Sammy

18. You've gotten in trouble for drunkenly sticking your hands in the buffet at Shang Hai

19. "I promised myself I wouldn't eat Chipotle again."

20. Bobby's Burgers changed your life

21. When you step into Big Play on any night other than Thursday

22. You constantly remember that College Park is sketchy as f*ck

23. When you believe in evil squirrels

24. When you encounter evil squirrels that are more fearless than NYC pigeons

25. The East Asia section at McKeldin Library is 75% social scene/25% people cracked out on Adderall