It's Killing Society: 5 Reasons Why Being Politically Correct Is Ruining Us


Most people today have opinions and statements to make. As individuals, we like to put in our two cents and show others how smart we are.

However, when it comes to social pressure and appeasing people around us, we tend to turn down motivation and hold back when faced with possible alienation and criticism.

How many times have you stifled yourself or kept quiet because you were afraid to speak up or offend someone? Most of the time, this involves not wanting to hurt someone's feelings and not wanting to be attacked for your true ideas.

The problem should not be speaking your mind, but using tact and knowing how to speak. By using proper speaking etiquette, you can deter most conflict.

However, there are always individuals who will argue until they literally fall over, and we must learn not to fall in to that trap by letting our emotions control us.

The PC police are always looking to pick us apart and take our thoughts out of context, so thinking before you speak can save you a lot of trouble. Common sense is not so common, and half of the time, people have hidden agendas. Therefore, nothing good can come from being politically correct.

Here are some reasons why being politically correct is killing society and how you can best deal with it:

1. It Stifles Dialogue

This means that basic, true foundations will not be heard and what is really happening is not getting acknowledged or discussed.

2. Repeat Offenders Are Running Rampant

People keep committing these acts, which, in turn, solves nothing and reality does not lead to progress.

3. It's Making Us Dumber

It keeps people close-minded and ignorant to other views. When we are afraid to mention statistics and facts, due to the potential of offending someone, it is a detriment to society and causes regression.

4. It's Making Us More Stubborn (And Ignorant)

It shows that you are afraid to hear other people's views because acknowledging them means potentially losing credibility for your biased perspective. Ignorance refuses to hear others.

5. It Compromises Freedom Of Speech

This works both ways. We should not be afraid to speak our minds, no matter how realistic and harsh our thoughts might be. The best way to deal with this is to not let your emotions get to you. Speak your mind, but in a professional manner.

Set the example like a leader, and you will see others join in. Try looking at other points of view so you can better determine how to approach.

Hypersensitivity needs to be controlled. Today, people are attacked for saying the smallest things. We must embrace that every person has the right to say what he or she needs to say in a respectful way. The key is RESPECT; if you get angry for the sake of someone disagreeing, then you are part of the problem.

Communication is the centerpiece to solving all issues and being direct is key to solving problems. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing; it is essential to growth, conflict management and ideas.

It is impossible to please everyone, but being modest and honest is something all people can appreciate. Therefore, be you, but respectful and understand other points of views. Plural ignorance is real, and we all do it at some point. However, we should not hold back.

If you understand where someone is coming from, then you can better analyze his or her ideology and understand ways to really make things better for the long term, rather than just the short.

Photo Courtesy: Netflix/House of Cards