Stoner Vision: The Dankest Images On The Web Part 1


It's about that time, the end of the day. And what's that mean? Mary Jane is a callin'. And we know that a sure remedy for the case of the Monday blues is a pre-rolled joint lit by your well-endowed girlfriend, naked on the kitchen counter. But in case you're alone, not into busty women or just trying to get high, Monday always gets significantly better with some ganja.

Before you start feeling guilty about your rapidly ascending age and weekly weed addiction, just remember that it's always 4:20 somewhere. So for all you flying high right now or about to light one up, here's a collection of the best stoner pics of the day, accompanied by the appropriate soundtrack to help wash away today's defeat and gear up for tomorrow. And as always, enjoy with bong in hand.



Photos Courtesy Of: The Stoners Blog