The 10 Weed Commandments That You Need To Live By

by Lauren Martin

Like the founders of Christianity or The United States Constitution, every great club needs a code of ethics to live by. It's the set of morals and unwritten (well, now, written) laws that guide a certain select society, keeping the peace and establishing order. So is true for those who worship the bud.

Those who pray to La Ganja, Mary Jane, or Mr. Green have their own set or morals and codes that have been established long since friends started sharing blunts on this sodden earth. They are rules your fellow blunt brothers and sisters passed on to you before you joined your own circle of smoke.

Though weed may not be a recognized religion or even legal in society, the unspoken rules that dictate a smoker's circle are always present and hold strong. But in case you are new to the cause or just want to repent for your sins, here are The 10 Weed Commandments:

1. Thou shalt always light up thy friends

2. Thou shalt never bogart thy blunt

3. Thou shalt never use a white lighter

4. Thou shalt not eat more than two edibles in one sitting

5. Thou shalt always pass it to the left

6. Thou shalt always clear the bong

 7. Thou shalt never pass on thy blunt

8. Thou shalt obey thy munchies

9. Thou shalt remember the holy day, 4/20

10. Thou shalt love thy dealer

H/T: The Stoners Blog, Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr