22 Reasons Why Women And Weed Go Together Better Than PB&J

Women and weed. The words sound as good a pair as peanut butter and jelly or blunts and burritos.

It's the perfect relationship; it's the ideal match and the quintessential paring. Is there anything better than a stoner chick? She's chill, she's one of the guys and she always has the goods.

She knows how to hold her own and makes smoking Js so sexy. She's the kind of girl you love hanging out with -- the kind that never bogarts the blunt. 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing a woman who smokes weed, you may have wondered how she can so easily hang with the guys. Or why she was always so down to hit that bong? Well, facts are in and it’s no illusion: Women can indeed smoke more than men.

In a study released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Alcohol Dependence, researchers found that women get higher than men do. Because of the high estrogen levels found in women, they are more susceptible to the pain healing properties of THC found in weed.

Initially conducted to study the pain-relief effects of marijuana, the researchers from Washington State University found results that prove more women should be smoking more weed.

While looking for answers to the effectiveness of its pain-healing qualities over time, they found that women are 30 percent more susceptible to the pain-healing effects of weed than their male counterparts. They also found, however, that this just builds up their tolerance.

After conducting experiments on female rats who have a menstrual cycle similar to that of women, the researchers found that compared to the male rats, females require higher doses of THC after just 10 days of exposure to the cannabis.

Because women get higher, they build a higher (no pun intended) tolerance to it. Thus, the mystery behind why your stoner girlfriend is always hitting the bowl last is finally solved.

Besides the fact that we are more susceptible to it and have a higher tolerance for it, here are all the reasons why weed really is better for women:

1. We're good at being paranoid.

2. We're not afraid of sucking in.

3. We look great in green.

4. We have smaller fingers to roll better joints.

5. We know how to hold something in for awhile.

6. We're used to men blowing smoke.

7. We make O's any which way we want.

8. We know how to bake... great edibles.

9. We smell good anyway.

10. We know how to work with hemp.

11. We can see through a little fog.

12. We will always find creative ways to light up.

13. We don't take anyone's hits.

14. We're not afraid of watering eyes.

15. We've made sparks out of matches that didn't work before.

16. We've grinded before.

17. We know how to pick 'em.

18. We're no stranger to the scale.

19. We love the look of leaves.

20. We know how to pack.

21. We're familiar with the haze.

22. We know how to spot a good deal.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It