The 11 Reasons Why You Should Date A Stoner Chick

by Lauren Martin

Finding the right girl to spend the rest of your days with is more than a difficult task. As you get older, you start to realize there are more f*cking crazy bitches out there than you ever imagined. The girl you pick up at the bar is always fine for the one-night stand, but what about the girl for the longer journey? The girl you're gonna stay up with and hang out with on Sunday afternoon?

There's a rare breed out there that will always be down for a Seth Rogen film and McDonald's breakfast at 5 a.m.; she will become better friends with your bros than you and will always be there with a lighter, she's your neighborhood stoner chick. If you haven't met one yet or are still not sure, here's the 11 reasons why you should date a stoner chick. (Preferably, her name will be Mary Jane.)

When You Don't Have Bud, She Will

She Understands That Sex Is Better With A Bong

 She Wants To Do Stupid High Activities With You

She Understands More Than Your Average Chick

 She's Low Maintenance And Will Gladly Stay In With You

She Understands When You Just Need To Get High

She's Down To Stay Up Until 5 A.M. Just To Get McDonald's Breakfast

She Knows How To Use Her Tongue

She's Just As Upset As You When You Run Out Of Bud

She Gets You Sick Presents

She's Your Best Friend

Top Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr