What Your Palm Can Tell You About The Way You're Going To Die

by Rosey Baker
Jesse Weinberg

I like to think one of the most charming and bubbly things about me is my constant and pervasive obsession with death.

Sure, some people might see it as a morbid fascination, but I like to think of it a little differently.

I view death as a graduation to the next level.

After all, we don't actually know what happens afterward, and considering all the fun surprises life has brought, I can only imagine all the wonder and awe death will bring.

And as it turns out, the ancient art of palmistry may have some answers.

Kylah Benes-Trapp

While the certainty of death can't be seen by reading someone's palm, there are clues, according to those in the field.

Disease or medical issue

Famous hand readers or palmists like Noel Jaquin have mentioned that the quality of the ridges of the hand hold clues to the indication of life-threatening disease.

In palmistry, the "ridges of the hand" refer to the ridges that you would see when you, say, dust for fingerprints.

If those ridges start to fray, weaken or disappear altogether on parts of your hand, it could (apparently) be a sign of terminal disease.

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Well, isn't that comforting?

Fatal accidents

Though fatal accidents and sudden deaths are just that — accidental and sudden — there are signs on your palm that signal an accident could be headed your way.

For those of you morbid enough to want to know, danger points on the hand are indicated by deep, dark horizontal bars, dark dots or stars (Xs with a vertical line through them) on the Life Line, Mercury Line or Head Line.

This handprint, taken from the victim of a crime by a forensic team, indicated a dark dot on the Head Line (yikes):

Elite Daily

These danger points will appear as very obvious because the indications will be deeper or darker than the Life, Mercury or Head lines.

So, don't go searching for them if you don't see them right away. There's no need to give yourself an unnecessary panic attack.

According to Palmistry For You, it's also important to keep in mind,

The best practice for a hand reader is not mention death at all. Not even hint at it. The reasons are obvious. Not just because the hand reader can make an error, and not just because no hand reader can ever know for sure, but also because it can be traumatic for the person whose hand is being read.

Well, I never said I was a professional palm reader.

I'm just a writer who wants to know if death is coming soon, and if you read this article, you have to admit, you were a little curious, too.