Here's Your March Horoscope, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Rosey Baker

With March being right on the horizon, the stars are shining brightly for every sign in the zodiac.

A full moon will appear mid-month to sharpen our intuition and help us manifest our goals both in our careers and at home.

And with the sun in emotional Pisces, we'll have the extra boost from the planets to get in touch with what we really want.

Read more to see what the month of March has in store for you:

Kylah Benes-Trapp


This month is going to be all about advancing your momentum in the professional sphere, and all planets point to favorability launching new projects.

Your focus will be surrounding topics of mysticism, personal desires, community events, relationships and profession.

Make sure you prioritize, as you'll have a lot on your plate.


The main focus for Taurus in March will be on your professional career and on your personal independence.

Communication opportunities will prove to be extremely profitable for you financially, and because Mercury is in a favorable position, your communication in personal relationships will improve as well.

The stars are shining brightly for you this month!


Any trips you'll be taking overseas will impact your career in a beneficial way, so make the most of any trips you might be taking.

The financial payoff may not be coming right away because Saturn, the disciplinarian planet, is slowing progress.

This is the perfect month to focus on your mental and physical health, which will be greatly improved if you choose to take on a new fitness challenge.


Your focus in March will be in the professional sphere, as the areas of home and family may be a bit challenging in the beginning of the month.

However, being pushed out of your nest can be really good for you because the success you'll gain in the professional realm will calm any nerves or tensions you have at home.


Leo, you're going to have to remain focused on your own mental health this month, as it will be filled with transitions.

A change in your job or in your position is on the horizon, which will require more from you while adding to your capabilities on the job.

Finances look good this month, and if you have a business partner or spouse, it could be their support that gets you through a month with so many ups and downs.

Remember to be willing to compromise and remain flexible.


While your interest in others and their earning power might be preoccupying your mind this month, it's important to keep your eyes on your own paper.

You might be experiencing a little bit setback in your income, BUT DON'T WORRY, MONEY WILL STILL BE COMING IN.

You're in a planning stage right now, and even though you may not have all the payoff you want just yet, keep the faith.

Set your goals. It's coming.


Early in the month, your focus will be on family matters, as there may be a lot of emotions swirling around a domestic issue.

This is a month full of transitions for you, as you will be trying to balance your own mental health with career responsibilities and changes around your home.

Maybe you have a move coming up, and you feel overwhelmed. You may be craving the love and attention of a partner, and chances for that will be improved after the 20th.


The beginning of the month is a good time to focus on career goals that you'd like to attain by the end of the month, Scorpio.

Attention on your personal independence will take the place of your social life, family and friends for the time being.

Networking, however, may be required to achieve the success you are after.

Be ready to collaborate and cooperate with others when the situation requires it.


You're going to need to employ your emotional intellect this month, as Saturn is in your house of income, making finances a challenge that can only be met by working harder than you already are.

Take deep breaths, Sagittarius, and keep your eye on the big picture.

Your love life is going to be complicated as well, although when Saturn is in the picture, the challenges you meet are ended with a huge payoff.

Stay positive!


The spotlight for Capricorns will be on family issues this month.

The planet Jupiter is slowing your career life right now, and you would be better served by focusing more on building a peaceful home environment.

However, it's important to make independent decisions and take independent actions in March, as the months following will require you to be increasingly in service to — and at the mercy of — others.

Just make sure you check with your seniors at the office, since the upcoming full moon could be causing some friction there.


This month, you'll be feeling a boost in your energy and vitality from Mars, the action planet.

It's a good month to focus on your health goals because you'll be crushing the athletic game with the planetary energy boost.

Keep a close eye on your temper, though, as Mars can cause tantrums when things get in the way of what we want.


Happy Birthday, Pisces!

With the sun in your sign this month, it will endow you with the ability to quickly attain your career goals.

Writers and performers will have the stars on their side especially, as Mercury is working overtime in their favor.

Not only that, but Venus, the planet of beauty, is also on your side this month. So if you're planning on a new haircut or style change, go for it!