7 Indoor Activities That Will Make You Feel Less Guilty About Staying In

by Sheena Reyes

#FOMO definitely still exists.

Why? Because we're only young once, we only live once and one day, we'll be old and grey, so we should just do all the fun things now.

I totally get it. Being out with your friends and socializing is probably the better option than being at home by yourself.

But, that's not always true.

You need to balance your socializing and party time with your "me" time. Without that balance, you will lack a sense of clarity, focus, creativity and productivity.

Having "me" time also gives you time to recharge and reset. Having your own space and time to be yourself can boost your levels of self-love and self-worth.

So, be picky with whom you give your time, and set standards for the hours you spend socializing.

Spend quality time with real friends, and if you decide to stay home, recharge and conserve your energy.

It will only be beneficial for your-well being, I promise.

So, in order to make sure you're spending quality time with yourself, here are seven indoor activities that will make you happy you stayed in.

1. Watch a TV series or film.

Because eating popcorn and drinking tea (or wine) is amazing. Spend your "me" time catching up on your fave series or films.

Pick a documentary, television series or indie film that actually makes you feel and think.

Don't just "zone out" in front of the screen. Watch something that makes you feel inspired.

2. Run a bath.

Baths are super cleansing for your energy, especially if you have been overworked or have been around too many people.

Have a bath and just be. It's the best.

Not only is it great for your muscles and your physical body, but it will also make you feel recharged and relaxed.

3. Skype your bestie or loved one who lives on the other side of the world.

Staying home and Skyping with my bestie is quality catch-up time. It makes me feel centered and can seriously ground me if I've had a rough week.

So, check in, and have a really good, honest chat to instantly feel rejuvenated.

4. Work on a personal project.

Whatever your creative outlet is, spend sometime on your own creating.

It's stimulating, therapeutic and just really great for your head space. Accomplish your task, and finish it.

It is extremely rewarding to finish a personal project, no matter how big or small.

You definitely won't feel guilty about staying in because you're working on yourself.

5. Read a book.

Reading a book helps with your spelling, grammar and everyday conversation. It's just good for your own intelligence.

As with watching a TV show or movie, go for a book you know will inspire you and push you toward accomplishing your personal goals.

6. Meditate.

Meditation is my answer to everything. So if you need downtime, just sit still for 20 minutes in silence. You'll gain some serious clarity.

By being alone with your thoughts and letting them pass through your mind without regard, you'll instantly feel centered, especially if you're dealing with something particularly stress-inducing.

7. Cook or bake something delicious.

Try creating something in the kitchen that's healthy, but if you feel like making brownies, then that's OK, too.

Make some treats, and give them to friends and family. Everyone loves a sweet plate of baked goods, and you'll feel so accomplished after making something you love.

Try one of these activities to immediately feel good about your decision to stay home.

Remember, you don't need to be at every social event.

Yes, life is short, but feeling good and staying in will only enhance your independence and self-love. Paying attention to your well-being is much more important than getting rid of #FOMO.