How To Go About Repairing A Relationship With Someone You Cut Off

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Swearing never to speak to someone again is a pretty big deal.

Oftentimes, this permanent severing of ties is necessary, like in cases of abuse or other forms of major betrayal.

Caitlyn Jenner recently revealed on Wednesday that her former stepdaughter, Khloé Kardashian, no longer have a relationship.

During the Radio Andy show on SiriusXM, Jenner told Andy Cohen,

She doesn't want to talk to me. She hasn't talked to me in, like, two years.

Khloé and the rest of the Kardashian clan have long had a strained relationship with Caitlyn Jenner, since she came out as a trans woman on the cover of Vanity Fair.

They've been especially pissed about the unfavorable way Jenner has talked about her ex-wife Kris Jenner, especially in her new memoir, "The Secrets of My Life."

Not only is Khloé not talking to Caitlyn, but Kris Jenner has also said she is "done" with the former Olympic athlete.

The entire situation seems unfortunate since, despite Caitlyn's transition drama, the family has had such a tight relationship for over two decades. Caitlyn was the Kardashians' second father, who helped raise them. It seems almost unfathomable that they would really just never, ever speak again.

Plenty of folks cut ties with people close to them.

But then what happens when and if life sobers you up and you realize it's probably best to just release grudges and get your relationship back together? After all, life is short, and sometimes you come to major realizations about how you handled your past.

The get-back is possible, people.

But you're going to have to tread carefully, since whatever drove you guys apart is likely still lingering.

Here is how to repair a broken relationship that you once swore was done forever, but know you need to fix.

1. Decide how you're will initiate a conversation.

Reach out in the way that you know the person will actually receive you.

Not everyone wants your vague, "Hey..." via text or an unannounced visit to their home. Make sure you reach out in a heartfelt way to lay decent foundation for this to really be patched up.

Pick up the phone and call. Send a letter first if you think that's best. You know your friend, family member or ex, so you know the best way to get through to them.

2. A conversation about the big issue has to happen.

Whatever drove you apart has to be addressed. Trying to just plow over whatever happened is only going to result in an emotional dump later that will likely create another wedge.

Be adults and address it so you two can start fresh.

3. Apologize.

It doesn't matter who was wrong. Just apologize for whatever role you played and apologize for not coming to your loved one sooner. This is an olive branch and a show of humility.

And yes, you should be looking for an apology as well. No need to start off the patched relationship always being on the giving end. Humility is a requirement of both parties.

4. Take baby steps.

This is no sappy sitcom. Your relationship may not be all cheesecake and flowers the first day. Start off with a simple coffee meet-up or invite them to a neutral movie and then dinner.

Try doing an activity that you guys used to do together, and know that things may feel awkward at first since it's been such a long time.

5. When the conversation about the blow-up is done, don't rehash.

Life's too short to stay mad forever. With these tips, you should be able to break the ice, forgive and bring the warmth back into your relationship.