This High School Senior DGAF, Asks Herself To Prom And The Pics Are Legendary


I'm gonna be real with you: I never understood the concept of prom proposals... or "promposals," I guess they're called.

Like, why are you going all out to invite someone TO PROM? I'm pretty sure there have been marriage proposals less elaborate than this weird "Beauty and the Beast" promposal.

And I mean, this racist one I just have no words for.

But high school senior Lily Bilgrey may have just converted me.

She went ALL out and created the most insane, over-the-top promposal... TO HERSELF.



She captioned the pic,

since none y'all willin to take one for the team

AND LOOK AT THE SIGN. "Can't spell memes without me"... witty much? This girl is amazing.


This isn't the only picture she put on Instagram. She put up two more, each one funnier than the last.

Here's her feigning a look of TOTAL SURPRISE at the promposal:


I love it. She's totally milking it all in.

But the best is yet to come.



This is Photoshop ART, and I love she didn't take herself too seriously. She combined two pics to show her with her prom date, and I'm dying at how hilariously original this is.

Lily told Teen Vogue,

I thought the promposal scene was lacking some comic relief. I decided that, since I didn't get asked, it would be perfect to ask myself in a funny way! I knew I would say yes, so that took a lot of the pressure off!

This girl is the real MVP. But I have to say one thing: What the fuck is WRONG with the guys at her school?

Lily is adorable, funny and obviously doesn't take herself too seriously. She would be the perfect prom date, and she'd have the person she's with laughing the entire goddamn time.

But your loss, boys. After these photos, I'm pretty sure a million guys want to ask her out.

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