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Here Are 9 Ways Gigi Hadid Is Single-Handedly Bringing Back The '90s

What happened in the '90s? Only the best cartoons, pop singers and video games came into existence.

"Spice World" and "Clueless" changed pop culture as we know it, while Beyoncé was just a wee little baby singing Destiny's Child tunes and plotting her strategy for world domination.

Oh, and the Internet was born.

So, Gigi likely doesn't remember any of that; she was born in 1995 after all. But that doesn't mean she can't experience the greatness for herself now that '90s fashion is making a major comeback.

Here's how Gigi Hadid is bringing back the best decade in fashion history.

Bleached Hair

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From platinum blonde to golden sombre locks, hair and bleach are practically inseparable. Lance Bass rocked frosted tips in 1998, and today we've got Guy Fieri doing the same. Gigi may be a natural blonde, but that doesn't make her golden waves any less nostalgic.

High-Waisted Jeans

Crop Tops



They're not just for lugging your books to class anymore. Even Versace is getting in on the backpack game.


There's something so comforting about a great pair of overalls. They're the ultimate onesie with pockets and major versatility. From overall shorts to dresses and everything in between (including skintight jumpsuit versions), the look has expanded its reach way beyond the farm.

Matching Separates

There's something incredibly chic and streamlined about matching separates. And how easy is it to get dressed in the morning when the pieces obviously go together? It's Garanimals easy.


Whether you like or not, chokers have sneakily returned to mainstream fashion. Slip a stretchy one on like you did every day in the fifth grade and try not to feel like you are literally strangling yourself. No one ever said fashion was painless.

Mini Dresses

You can't not look hot in a mini dress. Just try. I double-dog dare ya.


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