14 Things That Perfectly Describe What Fall Is Like For Floridians

by Ashley Fern

Ah, it's finally fall, a time you correlate with the fluctuation of temperature, the crisp, cool air and the changing of leaves. Well, if this is what comes to your mind when you think about this season, one thing is for sure: You do not live in the state of Florida.

Fall for Floridians is as inconsistent as your back-burner boy; you never know how you will feel, and you will never know what to expect.

So what is this like for those living down south? Well...

1. While all your friends up north are freezing in their apartments, you're still spending your weekends at the beach

Sure, we may be well into the fall by now, but that doesn't mean Floridians have put away their swimsuits. The beach is still 20 minutes away and a viable destination, despite it being October.

2. You consider 72 degrees to be absolutely freezing

You are used to 80+ degree temperatures, so when the littlest chill arises, you bundle up. Be careful not to complain to your out-of-state friends who are probably freezing in below 60 degree temperatures.

3. While all the basics up north are apple picking, you're driving your convertible with the top down on the I-95

There is no convertible season in Florida... unless you consider all of the time a proper season. Your out-of-state friends may be posting cute little pictures going apple picking with their significant others, but you don't care because you're currently going 95 in a 65.

4. You think you can finally stop worrying about hurricane season

You think you are finally in the clear, but sadly you are mistaken, as hurricane season typically does not end until the close of November. So you better double check that forecast before heading to the beach.

5. Your Halloween costume consists of minimal clothing solely because it's so hot out

It's all about practical reasons here, not functional. Sure, people may think you are dressing down for attention, but in all honesty, you're just sweating your ass off.

6. You whip out the Uggs when it hits below 70 degrees in the morning

…Then are sweating by 12 pm because it's now 77 degrees. Rookie mistake my friend, rookie mistake.

7. While the rest of the world is getting pasty and white, you spend your time lying out in your driveway in a bikini

Floridians in the fall make sure to take full advantage of the sun. It doesn't matter when or where they get it, they are prioritizing because, as everyone knows: If you can't tone it, tan it.

8. The only Pumpkin Spice Latte you are drinking is iced

Does anyone even drink hot coffee in Florida? Is there even a reason to? I guess you would if you were going along with #6.

9. Everyone else is tailgating with hand warmers and ear muffs... all you need is your jersey

The best part about football season in Florida is that you are never really cold. Is there anything more miserable than watching your team lose when the temperature drops?

10. You try and tell yourself you don't need AC in your home, but that only lasts for a few hours... if that

The fall in Florida is just one epic tease. One moment the air is cool and then an hour later, you are drenched in a pile of humidity on the ground while simultaneously trying to tame your mane.

11. You notice a mass influx of old people in all of your favorite places

Just because it's fall doesn't mean the snowbirds aren't immediately heading down south. The second the temperature drops up north, these old folks are booking their one-way tickets down south.

12. You attend Thanksgiving dinner in a tank top while dining outside

It never really feels like Thanksgiving when it's 80 degrees outside. If you have a backyard, let's be honest, you know exactly where your feast will be set up.

13. This is what the four seasons in Florida look like: hot, hotter, hottest, Christmas

The only time you ever experience a change of season is when you venture out of the state. And as soon as you do, you immediately want to fly right back home.

14. You can fly out for extremely cheap prices, but coming home will cost you an arm and a leg

It's not your fault you live in a vacation destination! How are you expected to ever travel if coming home costs you over $300 on a flight? This is just another way Florida manipulates you into never leaving the state. Yeah, Bright Futures, I see you.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It