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Watch Ayesha Curry Make The Most Delicious Chicken Ever

By Gigi Engle

Between food delivery apps and long hours at the office, we professionals really don't have the time or emotional capacity to prepare elaborate dinners after a busy day at the office.

Sure, there are plenty of mouthwatering recipes on the internet just waiting for us to cook at home, but when it comes to real life, who has the time? Doesn't it seem like every recipe requires 10 pots, a laundry list of ingredients and our dignity to execute? It's all so overwhelming!

But it doesn't have to be. And since we're all about you living your best life, we're here to do the dirty work for you.

And by "we," we mean Ayesha Curry.

The celebrity chef and wife of basketball star Stephen Curry has teamed with Elite Daily and Kaiser Permanente to teach us how to make meals that are both healthful and painless to prepare.

Watch as Ayesha shows us how to prepare this delicious recipe for Lemon Ginger Chicken, and say goodbye to kitchen dread and hello to a dinner that's so easy you'll have time to cook and still binge-watch OITNB.

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