Can I Work Out On Vacation? 7 Confessions Only Bona Fide Gym Addicts Would Understand

Being a sporty girl is tough and not just anyone can do it. It requires extreme dedication, hard work, days when you have to force yourself to even go and moments when you want to barf into the trash from sheer exhaustion.

For some reason, though, you don’t quit. You vomit in that trash can, and then do 20 more push-ups. You pull your groin and do 50 more squats. You can barely walk up the stairs you force yourself to go for that 10K run.

Us sporty girls have some great assets (if you know what I mean), but we also have some tendencies that others may qualify as psycho:

1. Showering: sometimes optional

Because we spend so much time at the gym, or find ways to somehow squeeze the gym into finite time blocks between activities, our overall goal is to maximize sweat time.

We justify to ourselves that a 60-minute workout beats a 45-minute workout any day. So, we skip the shower, or we take a body shower. Then, we throw in some dry shampoo and wear our hair up in a headband for the day.

Hilariously, this often earns us comments of looking “fresh” or something, when in reality, we're just glowing from exercise. Yes, unlike you, we managed to squeeze in a workout during lunch, while you were sitting on your arse, eating a cheeseburger.

We do secretly gloat and fantasize about how, if everyone were as athletically productive as we are, there would somehow be no obesity in this world. Just don't come too close, as we are secretly self-conscious that we smell like a man's dirty sock.

2. Sports bras are our favorite, even when we’re not working out

They’re so comfy! We spend a decent amount of time wondering if people notice, but we are secretly on cloud nine because they’re more comfortable than a frigging bra, anyway.

Who wants wire or spaghetti straps digging in when, instead, silky mesh can envelope you? When we get accustomed to the sports bra, we get grumpy about the thought of ever wearing regular bras. At times, this can seem like an actual mission.

Our significant others hate this, by the way, but we retort that in a sports bra, we can hustle anywhere, anytime, without boob pain. They should prefer our low-maintenance ways.

3. We have more workout gear than any store (or normal human).

We continue to frequent our favorite athletic apparel retailer, despite having way too many workout outfits. We have closets and dressers full of this stuff, for all seasons.

We've likely had a gig working at these stores, just to get a discount and accumulate a crap load of gear. We collect race and tournament shirts and medals and proudly display them to let you know we are serious and intense about what we do.

We do laundry loads of exclusively workout clothes more frequently than for regular clothes. But then again, our “regular clothes” have somehow turned into mainly workout gear. We try to normalize this trend to ourselves. Who doesn’t wear spandex to the bar at some point? Who doesn't like a tight butt? That's what I thought, at least.

4. We are competitive in all aspects of life

We’re so used to being the fastest on the treadmill, the most flexible in the yoga class and the sweatiest on the spin bike that we may subconsciously try to beat you in other things. Just smile and know we are not normal humans. Sorry.

5. Our running shoes are our best friends

They travel everywhere with us. There’s always a spare pair (with shorts and a sports bra, of course) in the car in case we end up with a few hours and nothing to do. Who says that a fancy wedding can’t turn into a game of touch football, or something?

6. We get anxious at the thought of getting out of our routine.

So, we’re going on vacation… is there a gym there? The thought of leaving our four paid memberships at various gyms or studios for a few weeks gives us anxiety.

Is there a road on which I can run? How will the team function without my presence? Is there something I can do so that this 130-pound body, which has been toned to perfection for the last 10 years of my life, can stay in maintenance mode?

7. We may post too much crap about our fitness regimes on social media. Just ignore us.

We’re so into it that we sometimes go too far. Sometimes, we just need personal validation for all of this hard work. We’re not douches — at least we try not to be.

There are tons of us fitness-loving ladies out there; we can share a smile over our greasy hair, protein shakes and Nike Frees when we are hustling to that class.

We will run past each other on a trail and offer friendly waves or smiles. We are united, beating stress and cardiovascular disease one stride at a time. Keep it up, ladies.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It