Here's Your April Horoscope, According To Your Zodiac Sign

It's finally spring, and according to the stars, things are already starting to look up.

The month of April includes Venus, the planet of love and beauty, going direct, which means you can stop holding off on your plans to get that bold new hairdo.

Mercury, however, goes retrograde on the 9th and stays there until May 3, so be prepared for communication mishaps and dramatic delays.

But really, who doesn't love a little drama?

Aside from these two planetary events, April has a lot more in store for everyone.

Here's your monthly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign:

Kylah Benes-Trapp


You're probably already experiencing a kind of impulsive, frenzied energy that is likely to follow you throughout your birthday month, Aries.

With the sun in your sign, you're probably feeling as if you want to take advantage of the spotlight, and it's a great time to do so!

You'll shine in your romantic life as well, whether you're single or attached, when Venus goes direct on April 15.


This month, Taurus, you'll really be narrowing in on your professional life.

Your focus will be on either improving or making adjustments to your current job or position, or parlaying the position you currently hold into something that suits you (the real you) better.

By the end of the month, in the last week of April, you'll finally get that "Ah, finally!" feeling when you get a moment to chill and dedicate some time to self-care.


Lately, your social groups may have been experiencing some turmoil, as you've been feeling like you're in the middle of a huge transition.

You've basically been trying to figure out where the hell you belong.

But by the end of April, Gemini, you can expect the answers to those questions to emerge. Some modifications will also be made to your work relationships.


Your career will be your primary focus this month, Cancer, but in a way that excites you because it will be through your friends and social connections that you make the most progress.

You'll feel like you're going through a bit of a cleansing this month, both internally and externally, so conserve your energy and be prepared to let go of what is no longer serving you.


The Mercury retrograde of this month will cause some radical altercations to the work life of every Leo this month, but those changes are likely to be good.

Make sure that if you need to change jobs or if you receive a promotion, you don't get a new job or sign any paperwork until Mercury goes direct again.

You can use the extra time to ruminate on what it is you want to do next.


There's going to be a lot of frenetic energy swirling around you this month, Virgo.

With your ruling planet of Mercury going into retrograde, you'll be required to remain poised, so make sure to take the extra time you need this month to plan out any details on any projects related to travel, communication or technology.

If you work in communication and media, save your work and keep backups!

You'll thank yourself later.


If you have a chance to schmooze and booze with higher-ups this month, Libra, be sure to take it.

April is a month for laying the foundation of successful, long-term business dealings.

You may have been struggling lately in your love life and feeling like you're a little lost-at-sea.

And while Mercury retrograde may slow things down even more, by the end of it, you will have a much clearer idea of whom you are willing to invite into your life and whom you'll want to discard from it.


Your focus this month, Scorpio, will be mainly on your home life and domestic issues, including relationships with family members and domestic partners.

You'll need to try to be more adaptable than you generally like, but there are lessons to be learned from remaining patient.


Career this month is likely to take a backseat while you turn your focus inward and spend a little more time devoted to self-care.

However, spending a little more time putting yourself first will make working with you a breeze for your fellow employees (and everyone in your life).

So, the side-effects will contribute to your overall success, Sagittarius.


If you want to make changes in your living space, Capricorn, do it before the 20th while Mercury is in retrograde and before your work life starts to require a lot more of your attention.

This month looks like a prosperous one overall, with your work life after the 20th getting very busy.

Lucky for you, Mars is placed favorably within your sign, which means you'll have all the physical energy you'll need to keep up.


Aquarius, you understand more than anyone else that you don't need to be bound to the restrictions that others try to place on you.

You can get far in life operating on your own free will, and you've manifested a life on your own terms up to now.

But this month, be prepared to learn how much more you can do by bending a bit and cooperating with others.


Your focus this month, Pisces, is going to be on spirituality and its ties to your finances.

The Mercury retrograde may leave you feeling restless in your job, and you may set the intention to go elsewhere.

But, it would be best not to leave your present circumstances or make any big decisions until Mercury goes direct again on May 3.

Chances for domestic travel increase this month as well, so plan accordingly.