I Analyzed Khloé Kardashian & Tristan's Zodiac Signs & Their Relationship Could Last Forever

Dia Dipasupil/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Let me preface this thing by saying I couldn't know less or care less about the Kardashians, or anyone involved with them -- especially if those people are in sports, which is the one thing I care less about then the Kardashians. But if there is one thing I am well-informed about, it is astrology and compatibility. If you were to combine the level of national interest in the Kardashians with the collective interest of 12 sports bars in Manhattan, you'd barely touch how obsessed I am with astrology. I know this stuff. Will Khloe Kardashian and Tristan's relationship last? From my analysis of their zodiac signs, the answer is they have a strong shot.

Khloé is a Cancer and Tristan is a Pisces. These two are both water signs, but together they have a bond that is stronger than metal. Having their sun signs in the same element means that they have the same drive, goals, and desires. They also share a sensitivity that air, earth, and fire signs lack. They'll be able to intuit what the other is feeling without words. There are a few things to look out for, though, when you get a Cancer and a Pisces together, and as long as you avoid possessiveness and over-indulgence, these are the beneficial aspects of their compatibility.

Cancer and Pisces: Intuitive Communication

Like I mentioned before, Khloé is a Cancer, Tristan is a Pisces. Cancers are very attached to their home and family, and building a family of their own is incredibly important to them. Together, this couple has already achieved at least one part of that puzzle.

We'll get into what kind of parents they might be later on, but as far as the relationship itself, these two will build a strong connection based off their ability to see and feel what the other is feeling without having to say a word.

Water Signs and Codependency

Water signs all have a near-psychic connection to one another. Even when they aren't getting along, they'll understand exactly what the motives and feelings of the other person are. As long as they don't fall into a pattern of codependency, of trying to care for the other one more than they care for themselves, this unbreakable psychic bond will be the glue that holds their relationship together, keeping them honest with each other.

Cancer and Pisces: Spiritual Sex

Pisces think of sex as an escape from the material world, and Cancers think of it as a way to possess and nurture their lover. In bed, the bond between these two signs is more than just physical. They'll connect in a way that allows them to transcend the boundaries of the physical world, to actually become one with each other, and to inspire one another. Sex for them is an act of creation, and I highly doubt that the recent alleged Khloé K pregnancy will be their only child, if the relationship continues and the pregnancy rumors are true.

The Sweetest Parents Under The Sun

Cancer will be the more grounding influence in this family, and Khloé can already bet that she'll have to be the disciplinarian when it comes to parenting. Pisces tend to spoil the sh*t out of their kids, as they just can't stand to see their children upset or sad. It's most likely that Khloé could get a little bitter about this after some time. Nobody wants to be the pain-in-the ass bad cop, but for the good of their child, she's going to have to step up and be the mama bear. This comes naturally to Cancer women, as well. They are fiercely protective of their families, and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them out of harm's way.

Ultimately, the combination of nurturing and sensitivity between these two as parents is sure to raise a child who will, if nothing else, be absolutely sure that his/her parents would do anything for them. This goes for any Cancer-Pisces parenthood combo.