5 Reasons Why Sucking At Your Phone Is No Longer A Valid Excuse In 2014


Everyone knows at least someone who claims he or she simply just sucks at the phone. While this may sound like a great excuse, it's actually complete bullsh*t. In this day and age, most people carry their cell phones by their sides, day in and day out, clutching onto them for dear life.

The anxiety you feel when you drop your beloved device is a feeling we've all experienced at one point or another. The reason behind it? We love our phones and don't know what we'd do without them. Sure, this may sound ridiculous, but it doesn't mean it isn't true.

We can't really wrap our heads around the concept of someone not answering a text within a reasonable amount of time because our cells are basically another extremity. But, seriously, "sucking at your phone" is no longer a valid excuse and here are the reasons why...

1. It's 2014

Most everyone has a smartphone these days, which is why "sucking at your phone" is the worst excuse in the handbook. I mean, that isn't even somewhat believable considering we spend a good portion of our time glued to these handy little devices.

We bring our phones with us to the bathroom, to the kitchen and to bed -- and if we don't, we feel the awful separation anxiety.

2. You use your phone for way more than just texting

The chances you have access to your phone at any given moment is extremely high since it's not just reserved for texting or calling.

I can't recall the last time I drove somewhere without using Google Maps and I definitely can't think of a time I walked anywhere without listening to Spotify.

Instagram has basically capitalized on the fact that we can't let go of our cell phones and honestly where would be without that lovely social media platform?

3. Charging availabilities are too accessible

"Oh but my phone died..." No, no it didn't and if it actually did, it would be back up and running in a few hours. Most people I know take their chargers with them if they are going to be away from their home base for the entire day.

Bars have realized how dependent people are on their phones and have even installed charging lockers where customers can lock their phones into a charging station and pay per minute.

If you're out at night or even during the day, bartenders are usually pretty accommodating when it comes to charging your phone behind the bar. You just have to ask really, really nicely.

4. Your texts aren't just sent to your phone

The best part is when people tell you that they never saw your texts despite the fact that they have their phones in their hands every time you see them. Maybe you saw it and forgot to answer, but come on, we weren't born yesterday.

Texts can be sent to your iPad and your computer, so I'm not really sure how a person doesn't see a message. Even if you don't have your texts synced any other way, the odds that you actually didn't see a text are slim to none.

5. You have responsibilities on your phone

Your cell phone is the one place where your work life and personal life come together. Chances are you are checking your phone quite often for things like work emails and calendar appointments.

From the second you wake up from your cell's alarm clock, to the moment you go to sleep and get your last social media browse in -- your cell phone is the greatest organizational asset you have in your arsenal.

You can get your news updates and create to-do lists with the notes application. While you are organizing your life, you may get a text, so why not just respond and get it out of the way?