10 Reasons You Should Plan A Trip To Visit Your Grandparents

When it comes to planning a big vacation, there are MANY things to consider. Where are you going? How will you get there?

And most important of all: How will you pay for it?

What once seemed like a relaxing vacation can suddenly feel pretty stressful. Planning is the worst. I think we can all agree on that.

But never fear! There is a way to fix all of this: Make your next trip about GRANDPA AND GRANDMA!

Before you scoff at my ~amazing~ idea, hear me out.

Your grandparents are really great people. And they're undoubtedly the best hosts in the history of the world. Why would you not want them to take care of you for a week? It's what they live for. You aren't a burden. They LOVE you.

How many hotel concierges can you say that about? None.

It's time to pack your bags and have the time of your life with two of the world's sweetest and kindest people.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit your grandparents on your next big trip.

1. They will feed you.

Grandparents take the gold medal in making sure everyone is well-fed. This is especially true of their grandkids. Food is one of the (many) ways they show their affection. Since many of us are fresh out of college and into our new big-kid jobs, the last thing we have is money for food, amiright?! How could you pass up a trip that is guaranteed to make you full of delicious food?

2. Your parents will be so happy with you.

Want to get on your parent's good side? Go visit grandma and grandpa. Your mom and dad are always after you to make more time for your grandparents, so go ahead and heed their plea. The next time you need something (Hi, dad, please do my taxes!) you can leverage your amazing trip as collateral.

3. Your grandparents are actually the coolest.

Okay, real talk. Your grandparents are actually the coolest people ever. They raised your parents, who then raised you. They are the origins of your cool. They were cool before cool was cool, you know?

If you make your next trip a vacation to your grandparent's house, you're just setting yourself up to hang out with the best people ever. Total win.

4. You can probably drive there.

One of the bomb things about visiting grandpa and grandma is that they probably live within a reasonable driving distance. If they don't, something tells me they'll at least chip in for a flight for their favorite grandchild. Hey, travel isn't cheap. You have to take the freebies as they come.

5. Grandparents give the best advice.

If I need some serious life advice, grandma is always the first person I call. Life as an adult can be overwhelming, but some downtime at your grandparent's house can really help you feel centered again. Who needs all the bells and whistles of a grand vacation when Hotel Grandpa is waiting for you?

6. You'll save so much money.

Saving money shouldn't be the main reason you pick your grandpa's house over Turks and Caicos, but it sure does come as a bonus. Making your next big vacation a grandparent's house getaway will be good for not only your well being, but also your bank account. Sign me up stat.

7. Beaches are nothing compared to grandma's cookies.

Let's be real, nothing compares to grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Not even a beach in the Caribbean. Who wouldn't want to spend a day in front of his or her grandparent's big screen with a seemingly endless tray of baked goods? The sun is good for your tan, but grandma's cookies are good for the soul.

8. You don't have to plan anything and that is a beautiful thing.

Trips are supposed to be relaxing, but all too often they end up being more overwhelming than you expected. If you go to your grandparent's house, planning is irrelevant. All you have to worry about is whether grandma remembered to lay out the blue cashmere robe you like to wear while relaxing on the couch.

9. Grandpa has the best stories.

No night out could ever be as enticing as one of grandpa's stories. Getting your fill of his tales is a vacation unto itself. Use your vacation to actually learn about LIFE.

10. Honestly, you kind of owe them.

Look, at the end of the day, your grandparents have done a lot for you. Don't you think you owe them a visit? Even if any of the above reasons don't sell you, making your grandparents happy should be the only reason you need. They are really nice people! Go see them (and eat their food).

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