8 Crazy Things You Did In College That Will Make You Wish You Were 18 Again

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College was a time to really let loose and embrace this new chapter of your life. You were finally away from your parents and got that sweet taste of independence for the first time. It felt like nothing could really stop you... except for those small instances where you did have to go to class and kind of be responsible.

Other than that, it was all about a fun time whenever you wanted it. Now that we've graduated and moved on, we tend to look back on our time in college with rose-colored glasses. Sure, we were young and made a bunch of mistakes, but we were having the times of our lives.

As much as I love where I am now, there are times I wish I could go back and re-live it all. Here are eight crazy things I would do all over again.

1. Staying Out Late On Weeknights

If you scheduled your classes correctly, you never had to wake up before noon... which meant you had the luxury of sleeping in on weekdays. It was like every day was Saturday. Every night of the week was an opportunity to live it up. You could hang out with your friends until late, and never have to worry about waking up early the next day and getting enough sleep.

2. Going All Out At Football Games

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Football games were a time to really go all out. You and your friends would cover yourselves in glitter and scream at the top of your lungs rooting for your team. School pride was all you cared about, and you sure had a lot of it. You lived with #NoRegrets, and let's be real: Your team was the best.

3. Going Days With Zero Sleep And Being Able To Function

I still don't know how I did it. In college, you can go days without proper sleep. There were instances where you needed to cram all night for a test, because you definitely procrastinated. Then, you went the next day with little to no sleep, but you could function like a normal human being. Now, getting less than eight hours ruins your whole day, and you're a total zombie.

4. Being Able To Roll Out Of Bed And Go

You used to be able to roll out of bed and go straight to class. Zero prep time was needed. The sweatshirt and sweatpants look really worked for you. You could try that again, but your co-workers will probably ask if you're OK because you're normally put together.

5. Late-Night Food Adventures

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The late night munchies were always a fun adventure. You could go to a local diner, or even that one cafeteria on campus that was open late. If you wanted pancakes at midnight, you got yourself pancakes at midnight. Nothing was holding you back from eating your favorite food exactly when you wanted it.

6. Going On Spring Break

I'll admit, vacations and time off is what I miss the most about college. Nothing was more fun than spring break. You and your squad would plan a tropical beach getaway trip with fun in the sun and sand.

7. Throwing Spontaneous Get-Togethers With Your Girls

Anytime you invited someone over to your dorm, it was like an instant party. You could throw spontaneous get-togethers with your girl squad any night of the week because any night felt like the weekend. Bring on the popcorn, chocolate, and chick flicks. Living in the dorms especially felt like a continuous party, because you were living with all of your friends who were the same age as you.

8. Having A Sleepover Whenever You Wanted

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If you and your roomie were BFFs, every night felt like a sleepover. My roommate and I would take all of the sheets we had and build blanket forts all of the time. We ate lots of yummy snacks, watched rom-coms, and talked about boys we liked. I could still have girls' nights with my friends now, but the spontaneous nature of these sleepovers is what I'm missing.