6 Reasons Why Your College Roomie Is Your Best Friend, And Your Forever Friend

by Tessa Harvey

Your college roomie can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. The worst part? You never know what you're in for until you step into freshman year. If you're lucky, your college roomie is your best friend. You click instantly, and it seems like it was meant to be. Consider yourself #blessed.

Once you've hit the college roomie and best friend check points, it's pretty much set in stone that she'll be a forever friend for you. Why's that? Well, here are six reasons why your college roomie doubles as your best friend and your forever friend.

1. She's Dealt With Your Mess

Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Though best friends do know a lot about each other, unless you've lived together, you haven't really seen it all. As your roomie, she knows how to deal when you leave dirty dishes in the sink, forget your makeup all over the bathroom counter, and let a banana go bad in the fridge. Once she's handled you there, you guys are set for life.

2. She's Super Comfortable Calling You Out

As much as she might deal with what you pull in number one, she definitely knows how to call you out when's it's gone too far. You hold each other accountable in keeping your place clean, sharing food, and getting your work done. The best part? You both know better than to hold a grudge, because she's doing it in your best interest.

3. You're Each Other's Constant Support System

Evelyn Mostrom

I know from experience that when you live together, it's hard to hide how you're feeling. It's gotten to the point where in just a few seconds around you, your roomie can pick up your mood for the day. With all that experience, she knows just how to handle all of your moods.

4. You've Spent More Late Nights Talking Than You Can Count

Whether you were sipping on bubble tea until 3:00 in the morning, or scream-singing oldies jams until you crashed, the ultimate roomie bonding experience is pulling an accidental all-nighter. These nights act like a super special friendship glue; somehow, it makes your relationship that much tighter. Plus, you learn so much more about your roomie over a bottle a box of pizza than a stack of homework.

5. You're Pros At Sharing Your Space

Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy

You've been roomies for awhile now, so you definitely know how to navigate your shared space. At first, it was a little rough getting to know what you could share and what was off limits, but it's smooth sailing now. Once a roomie, always a roomie.

6. She Knows Your Quirks, And You Know Hers

At first, you couldn't believe you'd met someone who actually sings in the shower. But now, her off-tune screeching is your wakeup call, and she's used to you dumping hot sauce on literally everything you eat. You know you're going to be forever friends when your roomie's quirks make you smile.