17 Choices You Overthink In Your 20s That End Up Being The Best Decisions You'll Make

by Alexa Mellardo

The act of overthinking has a bad rap of causing more harm than good.

Decisions can be tough AF, and the struggle can be all too real if you're a chronic over-thinker.

You could seriously drive yourself wild because all you do is dwell, dwell and DWELL some more.

But sometimes, it's that extra bit of thought you put into something that ends up being exactly what you needed to make the best choice in the end.

Lyuba Burakova

Most of the decisions we overthink have an impact on our lives in one way or another. So, all the more reason for them to be damn well spectacular, right?

Here are 17 choices you overthink in your 20s that end up being the best decisions you'll make.

1. Deciding who will be your maid of honor.

2. Not remaining with your high school sweetheart simply because you have history and feel comfortable with him.

3. Choosing to be independent and alone, rather than settling for someone you're not in love with.

Marija Savic

4. Drastically switching up your hair color, or cutting it short.

5. Moving out on your own into an apartment, and paying rent.

6. Reaching out to someone you lost contact with, but miss having in your life.

Guille Faingold

7. Leaving a job for a new one, with new opportunities.

8. Taking a dreamy trip, with a high price tag.

Kristen Curette Hines

9. Buying a puppy.

10. Moving out of town for the right person, or job.

11. Getting married before all of your friends because you met the love of your life.

Ania Boniecka

12. Saying “no” to plans you don't want to do, and conquering the fear of missing out.

13. Dropping money on experiences, over material things.

14. Buying the car of your dreams.


15. Packing your bags and taking a spontaneous trip with the squad.

16. Moving away from toxic friends or family members.

17. Deciding to have a destination wedding, surrounded by close family and friends.

Nothing spectacular is casually handed out on a silver platter, complete with gold edges. Everything great in life comes with a certain amount of work or risk.

Stand by the decisions you make, with no regrets. It's true that some of the best choices we make are the ones we overthink to death, and then take that leap of faith and run with them.