12 Breathtaking Videos Of The Solar Eclipse That Look Totally Magical

by Tessa Harvey

Today is the day we've all been hyping up for the past month. That's right, it's the day of the magical 2017 solar eclipse. People from all over the nation and continent are coming together for watch parties, expeditions, and eclipse hunts to witness the amazing natural phenomenon. We've been told the eclipse is a sight like nothing you've ever seen before. And let's be real, this event would not be complete without videos of the solar eclipse gracing all of our social media feeds.

Clint Werner, an eclipse chaser and expert, spoke with Elite Daily, saying that watchers should expect to be amazed. Werner says,

The rush of the moon's shadow, the sight of the corona, the bizarre surrounding sunset effects, the drop in temperature, the strange behavior of animals and a resulting metaphysical sense of our place in the Universe generate an incomparable experience of pure awe... Avoid alcohol or drugs because the experience is so mind-altering in itself that you will want an unaffected experience of the weirdness.

Eclipse viewers all over the country are taking to social media to share their experiences with the rest of us who aren't in the path of totality. These shots are absolutely amazing... so settle in, and prepare to swoon. These 12 videos of the solar eclipse are so breathtaking you won't be able to look away.

1. My Jaw Hasn't Closed Yet From Watching This Video

2. How Amazing Is This View?

3. It's No Wonder They Call The Eclipse A Life-Changing Event

4. The Moon Looks Ridiculously Stunning Here

5. If This Video Doesn't Do It Justice, I Can't Imagine The Eclipse IRL

6. Look How Bright And Purely Magical The Sky Is

7. You Wouldn't Believe This Happened During The Day

8. You'll Be Kicking Yourself For Missing This

9. This Video Is Absolutely Breathtaking

10. It Just Keeps Getting Better

11. So. Much. Beauty.

12. Don't Bother Trying To Look Away, Because You'll Fail