6 Coconut Oil Products That Will Refresh Your Skin After The Beach This Summer

by Alexa Mellardo

Coconut oil not only smells so damn good, but it also works wonders for keeping your skin glowing and smooth.

I have a slight (and kinda, sorta high-key) obsession with this magical oil. It's my best friend after a long day at the beach soaking up those beautiful rays.

Isabelle Bruce/Pexels

Beauty products containing coconut oil are must-haves during the summer months, and they're also prime essentials to keep your skin feeling silky throughout the entire year.

Sure, you can rub regular lotion on your legs to refresh after a shower, but coconut oil truly gets the job done like no other.

It actually has a ton of benefits you may have not even thought of, from keeping your locks looking sleek and shiny, to extracting toxins from inside your mouth (via the oil-pulling method).

For all of my fellow beach goddesses out there, here are six products that will keep those smooth and sensual vibes going strong. Because let's be honest, you need coconut oil in your life ASAP.

1. Coconut Oil Lip Balm


Coconut Oil Lip Balm, $4, Amazon

While you're basking in the sun, you simply cannot forget about showing your lips some loving.

This coconut oil lip balm will be your new obsession throughout the summer months. It will keep your lips ever-so soft after getting your vitamin sea fix.

Kiss those chapped lips goodbye for good… quite literally.

2. Coconut Oil Shaving Lotion


Coconut Oil Shaving Lotion, $17, Coco Loco Products

We all long for that silky, smooth glow as we step out of the shower after a day spent at the beach.

Reap all of the benefits coconut oil shaving lotion has to provide for your stride, and your skin will be looking refreshed and nourished just in time for happy hour.

3. Coconut Melt


Kopari Coconut Melt, $18, Sephora

Coconut melt (aka pure magic in a bottle) can be used for all sorts of purposes, from acting as a deep conditioning hair mask and bath boost to a great makeup remover and massage oil.

What's best about this beauty product is the coconut oil is derived straight from virgin, fresh, and 100 percent organic coconuts in the Philippines.

4. Coconut Oil Body Polish


Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish, $36, Sephora

Soak in the tub for a bit and exfoliate your skin with this nourishing body scrub. Complete with a glass of rosé and a good read, and your skin will get the pampering it deserves.

5. Coconut Oil Coffee Scrub

Ulta Beauty

Virgin Coconut Oil Ground Coffee Scrub, $15, Ulta

Moisturize your skin as you rinse off in the shower with this incredible combo of ground coffee and coconut oil.

The caffeine quickly gets the job done, making your skin super smooth, while the coconut oil's conditioning properties work wonders on restoring that healthy glow.

6. Coconut Oil Body Balm


Coconut Oil Body Balm, $29, Amazon

You'll never be itchy after having your booty parked in the sand all day again, thanks to coconut oil body balm.

This spectacular formula hydrates any dry or sunburned spots on your skin so that you'll be oh-so comfortable in your plush bathrobe post-shower.