Why Aries Is Attracted To Scorpio Over Any Other Sign In The Zodiac

by Rosey Baker

There are a few uniquely compatible pairings in the zodiac that, according to astrology, aren't traditionally supposed to work. Still, no matter what astrology says, these couples have proven IRL to be successful (or at least hot AF) time and again. Aries and Scorpio, Leo and Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, to name a few, have been some of the combinations of signs I can think of that seem to be able to withstand the test of time and to have hot sex while they're at it. But one of these couples had better get ready to handle some severe ups-and-downs if they want to make their relationship official, and that's Aries and Scorpio.

Aries is attracted to Scorpio with a passion they can't quite understand, mostly because it's lasting, and Aries' isn't used to feeling enthusiastic about a partner for more than a few days (OK, months? That's being generous.) at a time. So what is it that makes them stay for Scorpio? Is it that Scorpio stare, or the way they can't quite figure out what's going on behind those deep, dark eyes? Well, it's all of that, but there's a lot more to it. To really understand the attraction, you have to look at a few underlying factors.

Mars & Pluto: Strength vs. Power

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of the warrior and of physical strength. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, and of physical impulse. Both of these planets have a lot of force behind them, but because Mars is overt and Pluto is subdued, the interplay is tricky as hell.

Mars goes directly after what it wants. It's opinionated, it's extroverted, and it's direct. Pluto goes after what it wants by digging for information, by discovering what the object of their affection desires, and by promising them that, not directly, but through subtle psychological warfare.

When an Aries goes after a Scorpio, they don't realize that they're playing the same game, but by two completely different sets of rules. They'll know that a Scorpio wants them, but they won't understand why it's taking them so long, and being that they love to dominate a scenario, it'll drive them insane that with all their brute force, someone else seems to have all the power to actually make something happen.

Scorpio's Planetary Connection To Aries

While Scorpio is ruled primarily by Pluto, they also have a secondary ruler, and that is the planet Mars (which, yes, is also the ruler of Aries). Mars' influence can still be felt strongly when you climb into bed with a Scorpio, and all that restraint that Pluto instilled them with goes right out the window.

Some Scorpios (with more Pluto influence) are more guarded, making sex a slow, intense thing where you'll still be asking yourself "are they looking AT me, or THROUGH me?" But others (with more Mars' influence) are like actual wild animals in bed, and you'll feel like you're (100 percent consensually) participating in a Nat Geo scene where the lion attacks his prey.

Since Aries' thinks of sex is like it's a fight that ends in orgasm, having someone else in bed who knows how to spar with them is f*cking invaluable.

Boredom Is Not A Possibility

Because these two signs are both driven by a desire for more (for Scorpio, more depth and for Aries, more excitement) the couple doesn't ever fall into the lethargic kind of codependency that looms over other couples. These two can take one another from the height of passion to the depths of despair at a frightening speed; it's exciting, for sure, but is there depth to it?

Scorpio will most likely be the one who doesn't feel they are getting necessarily all of their needs met in this combination. That's because Scorpio is a water sign, and although they do need passion and excitement, they also need to feel grounded, or else they might start to feel lost at sea. They need a partner who understands them on a deeper level, and as much as Aries will try, they just don't have the patience to do all that spiritual digging.

While they do have passion, this can pose a challenge to their ability to just get through the mundane details of everyday life. The fire that fuels this relationship is much stronger than it needs to be, especially during times when you're just trying to pick out a couch for your living room together.

That said, both of these signs are incredibly ambitious, so if they find a way to work together on a shared project, they have more of a chance at a lasting union.