8 Reasons My 'Fun Friend' Is The Soulmate I Never Knew I Needed

We all have that one friend who always brings out the best in us, a true friend for life.

Whether it's a long list of inside jokes, solid advice or a shoulder to cry on, she's always there. The fun friend who helps you let go, be yourself and live life to the fullest.

I've compiled some of my favorite reasons why the fun friend is without a doubt, my true life soulmate.

1. She's your go-to girl for fashion advice.

She convinces you to wear that jumpsuit you bought but haven't worn, and she shoves you into the dressing room to try on a scandalous top from Zara.

But she would never let you go out looking like a hot mess.

Sending photos of your outfit to your bestie moments before you head out for a hot date is totally normal, right?

2. She coaches you through latest hair catastrophe.

Recently, I realized I am a total “hair slut.”

I mean it when I say I need instant gratification. Sometimes I wake up and I say, “I think I want to become a brunette today.” I change my hair constantly, and I don't know what I would do without my best friend talking me through my impulsive hair decisions.

She's always got perfectly gorgeous volume, beautiful natural color and here I am currently rocking bangs, which I'm sure I'll like…until tomorrow.

3. She's the first person you text when you've had a little -- OK, a lot -- to drink.

“OMG, girl. I am out at this bar and totally forgot to eat dinner before drinking with my friends. One bottle of red wine in…HELP.” Good thing she's just an Uber ride away.

Pizza and Netflix in pajamas is my kind of night anyway.

4. She knows when you need a non-judgmental post-breakup hug.

Going through a breakup alone is practically unbearable.

Everyone knows the key to getting through a tough breakup includes a good sob session with your bestie, a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a few nights later … a fun-filled evening of dancing out on the town with your PIC by your side.

Thank goodness she always knows what to say.

Going through a breakup alone is practically unbearable.

5. She knows EXACTLY how to have a good time.

Cue the pump up jams, it's time to make some memories.

Your bestie is basically a bona fide party planner. She schedules blowouts so you can both rock a Beyoncé-inspired flawless style, she makes reservations at a chic new restaurant downtown and she is always right there next to you busting out weird dance moves at the city's finest dive bar.

6. She's the keeper of your top secret, secrets.

This is a no brainer.

She's been with you through everything.

Wild and crazy college nights out, family drama, heck, she even knows about your sex life. She's got those secrets on lockdown no matter what.

7. She calls you on your BS.

There's just nothing worse than a fake friend, someone who is afraid to tell it like it is.

She isn't bashful and has no problem saying you're being totally irrational. She actually gives you that honest opinion you're searching for...and that's hard to find.

8. She's your biggest cheerleader.

Just when you're about to throw in the towel, she's right there cheering you on to push forward and do your best to succeed. She believes in you even more than you do yourself and she'd never let you give up without a fight.

True friendships are hard to find.

I'm willing to bet that one of the above resonates with you. Maybe it's your college roommate, your childhood friend, a co-worker, sibling or even a roommate. For me, it's my older sister, Colleen.

Whoever it may be, true friendships are hard to find.

When you can have fun with someone who truly loves you for who you are, that's the good stuff.

Life is short. Find that one rid- or -die who parties through this crazy, beautiful life with you and don't let them go.