Kate Lienesch


Im a 20-something gal adulting in Cleveland - a tall flamingo in a sea of pigeons if you will, with a passion for PR, fashion and my ice-cream loving Chihuahua Corgie Mix. Yes, it was an accident. Lover of desserts, positivity, and killing people with kindness.

3 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Is "The One," And Not Just Another One

By Kate Lienesch
It's hard to tell if the guy you're seeing is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, considering every other guy you thought was "the one" wound up letting you down. The dating world is full of uncertainty, unanswered texts and snaps, awkward dates, steamy…

What It's Really Like To Go To Rehab For An Eating Disorder

By Kate Lienesch
We say to ourselves, "I really shouldn't." I really shouldn't enjoy the deliciously warm, gooey muffins my co-worker brought in for us to enjoy in our morning meeting today. I really shouldn't buy this dress, it isn't made for my body type. I really…

Why You Should Listen To Yourself If You Want To Ditch Your Friends And Stay In

By Kate Lienesch
The word "selfish" definitely has a negative connotation. It basically means lacking consideration for others, and being concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. (Ouch, Webster.) But why is this? Why do we continue to…

8 Reasons My 'Fun Friend' Is The Soulmate I Never Knew I Needed

By Kate Lienesch
We all have that one friend who always brings out the best in us, a true friend for life. Whether it's a long list of inside jokes, solid advice or a shoulder to cry on, she's always there. The fun friend who helps you let go, be yourself and live…

Stop Counting Calories On Thanksgiving And Just Eat Everything You Love

By Kate Lienesch
What is it about Thanksgiving that makes us feel so guilty? Growing up, I can still hear the chatter of those around me after a Thanksgiving meal: "Ugh, I feel disgusting." "I'm so full I can barely move." "I'm definitely not eating anything…

I Went On A Blind Date And Actually Fell In Love

By Kate Lienesch
"Omg you guys would be THE cutest couple!” How many times have you heard that phrase as a young, single, gal? Well for me, it was during the summer of 2012 and I was busy doing what I loved most -- folding panties and giving bra fittings from 9 to…