3 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Is "The One," And Not Just Another One

B. Harvey

It's hard to tell if the guy you're seeing is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, considering every other guy you thought was "the one" wound up letting you down.

The dating world is full of uncertainty, unanswered texts and snaps, awkward dates, steamy get-togethers, laughter and let down. So how do we navigate through all of this clutter to find the one that proves himself to be the one?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years now, and believe me, it isn't always rainbows and butterflies. Relationships are hard work and it's a two-way street that requires significant effort from both parties. But what I can say, is that when the right one does come around, you won't be afraid to be you. Stop looking for Mr. Perfect, you need to look for your partner in crime.

Here are the top 3 make or break factors to help you know you've found that love you'll want to lock down:

1. You'll make time, not excuses.

I've been on a handful of terrible dates I can't seem to scrape from my memory. There's really nothing worse than scrambling to come up with a valid excuse as to why you can't find time for the second date.

Stomach flu? Too generic. Your dog died? Can't keep that one up for long.

When you finally meet that guy who makes your heart skip a beat, you'll make time. You'll put off that shopping trip for this season's killer shoe sale just to meet him for a drink. That yoga class you and your roommate signed up for? It can wait. I

If you find yourself counting the hours on the clock all day at work because you're itching to see him, that's a sign. If he makes you smile when you're thinking about him, that's another.

If you're cancelling because you can think of one million other things you'd rather be doing, it's safe to say you're uninterested. Don't dance around the issue, let him go you heartbreaker, you.

2. You can actually be yourself.

Aim to be a size 2. Keep your makeup natural (but not too natural). Always wear heels and skin tight jeans to flaunt your toned booty.

I think not.

Our society today has some pretty messed up standards of what is considered beautiful. But being beautiful has nothing to do with your outward appearance, and if you can find a guy who thinks you're beautiful because of what's on the inside, don't let him go. I repeat, don't let him go.

Find someone that doesn't make you question who you are. When you can be goofy with a party-of-two dance off right after you sit down and discuss your future dreams—that's the good stuff.

3. Your baggage is his baggage.

The key concept here is together. As women, we're supposed to have all of our problems tucked away and tied together with a tiny little bow, right? No.

All of us have things we struggle with. We've been hurt, we've failed, we've seen it all. But just because it's from your past doesn't mean it's something you should hide from your partner. Falling in love with someone means falling in love with all of them. How can you commit to be there for someone if you don't know what brings them down?

No matter how ugly the baggage, if you find the one, you'll be willing to make a sacrifice for them, and they should be willing to offer you a shoulder to cry on, no questions asked.

Every relationship is different, and there's no cookie cutter answer as to how you truly know he's “the one.” But when you find a guy who believes you are perfect regardless of what you see or believe, it's an amazing sign.

Don't over think it, let go and don't look back.