7 Best Halloween Bar Crawls To Get Your BOOze On With The Squad


It's hard not to think of the boos -- or should I say, booze -- when it comes to Halloween. Every year, we find a new reason to cheers with our friends and indulge in adult behavior. Halloween is definitely included in that, and if you happen to be rolling deep in a group of your dopest friends, then get ready for a treat. Some of the best Halloween bar crawls are in big cities across the U.S. and draw crowds of people looking to explore happy hour prices and dress up with the gang.

Bar crawls are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween with a large group because, with each bar in such close vicinity to one another, you can all party your way to each one together. Also, Uber and Lyft should definitely be your BFFs by the end of the night, because those drink prices are such a good deal, those cocktails might just creep up on you (along with the other crazy creatures of the night). At least you'll be able to walk it off throughout the night -- or crawl, whatever you're into.

These events are designed to get people out, walking around, and sipping on some seriously ghostly concoctions. Bring some comfortable shoes and get ready to see fellow night-walkers looking to have a good time. It's a group effort getting from one point to another, which is why you and your squad are perfect for this kind of shindig. So, if you all are up for the task of exploring different bars in a major city this Halloween, test your luck at one of these bar crawls... if you dare.

1. The Devil's Crawl In Philadelphia

New Event: The Devil's Crawl @ XFINITY Live! Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA) — Goldstar Tampa (@GoldstarTampa) October 22, 2015

There's plenty of history in Philly -- even the spooky kind. Walk the streets of historic times with your squad. Be careful, though; you never know what awaits you around the corner.

2. Halloween Pub Crawl In Baltimore

A little pub crawl in #Baltimore never hurt anyone — Christa Thompson (@FairytaleTVLR) August 31, 2017

Visit the same streets the dark and mysterious Edgar Allan Poe once roamed. If you're feeling up for it, even visit the bar where he took some of his very last sips.

I'm not spooked, you are.

3. Halloween Bar Crawl In Washington D.C.

#WashingtonDC Gov Goes After a Piece of #PubCrawl Profits — Poli Ticks (@TickPoli) August 18, 2016

It's pretty much impossible not to have fun in our nation's capital, which happens to neighbor several other states, meaning you can expect to meet all different kinds of people.

Just no political talk though, because it always ruins the mood. Besides, more cheers than chatter, amirite?

4. Halloween Hollywood Pub Crawls

#Win tickets to the Pre- #Halloween Pub Crawl in Hollywood! — LAWeeklyStreet (@LAWeeklyStreet) October 26, 2015

Let loose in Hollyweird, which doesn't even need a creepy holiday for peculiar things to happen there.

You and your crew are bound to run into some wild stuff in one of the entertainment capitals of the world. You never know who you'll stumble into.

5. Halloweekend Pub Crawl In New York

New York Official Halloween Pub Crawl: — HGINewYorkParkAve (@HGINYCMidtown) October 31, 2014

How could you not have fun in the Big Apple? The city is already privy to catching rides from a cab and walking to nearby destinations.

Come on down and get your bar crawl on, one step at a time.

6. Chicago Halloween Pub Crawl

Hey #Chicago what do you say — Justin Walter (@atwjustin) October 30, 2016

Not convinced yet? It's literally a night designed for an adventurous group like yours who can't stay in one place.

You and these bar crawls were simply made for each other.

7. Crawloween In San Francisco

Crawloween: San Francisco Halloween Pub Crawl 2017 @ Mayes Oyster House on Oct 28, 2017 at 2pm - 10pm — evently (@evently) August 23, 2017

Because San Francisco wasn't hype enough, they are also tagging along on the bar crawl train. Don't get lost on those windy streets or exhausted on those inclines. There's plenty to explore in the bay.

Attending any one of these bar crawls with your squad will guarantee a good time this Halloween. Forget the ghouls and goblins, it's your time to steal the night.