10 Signs You've Locked Down A College BFF Who's Your Actual Soulmate

by Tessa Harvey

All friendships are special, but there's something about your college BFF that just takes the cake. Your college best friend is with you for some of your most formative years, and she plays a big role in the adult you're becoming. But the truth is, it can be hard to find your college bestie, and even harder to find a college bestie who you'll stay BFFs with forever. You meet a lot of people in college, and I can definitely say I went through times when I was afraid I'd find my people. Good news, though, you'll find them! Look out for these 10 signs that your college friendship will last.

Like when you find a romantic relationship, sometimes when you know, you know. Some of these signs might feel natural, but are actually pretty special. If you don't check off everything on the list, you should still pat yourself on the back. Finding a friend who you do any of these 10 things with is definitely something to celebrate.

1. You FaceTime Even Though You Literally Just Saw Each Other

You know she's your BFF when you really can't be apart for more than a few hours. You might've seen her all day, but that doesn't stop you from FaceTiming your way through both dinner and studytime. Who else is supposed to keep you motivated?

2. She Routinely Calls You Out On Your Bullsh*t

Since you became friends, she's somehow always known when you're back on your bullsh*t, and she won't have it. Whether you're avoiding schoolwork or putting out bad vibes, she's there to make sure you cut it out (and you don't hold a grudge, surprisingly). Somehow, this has actually made you more enjoyable to be around.

3. Your Summers Apart Are Actually Killing You

Chelsea Victoria

You thought summer apart was going to be hard, but you never thought it was going to be this hard. OK, so it's only three months... but that's a long time! Somehow, endless FaceTime calls and texts don't make it better – there's just something so much nicer about getting to be friends IRL.

4. You've Got So Many Inside Jokes That You Can't Keep Track Anymore

Somehow, in a short amount of time, you've racked up so many memories of side-splitting laughter that you've lost count of all your inside jokes. People hate being around the two of you because every other phrase makes little to no sense, but neither of you care. Don't even get the two of you started on your names in each other's phones...

5. She's Always Tagging You In Memes

Chelsea Victoria

You know that every time you log on Facebook, there's bound to be a notification waiting for you signaling a new meme your bestie tagged you in. Essentially, the two of you use social media to find memes for each now. Sorry not sorry – everything is just too relatable.

6. Your Text Messages Span The Entire Day...

...Every single day. You text about the most random things from sun up to sun down. You've gotten used to getting texts like, "Should I buy this?" and "OMG GUESS WHAT?"

7. You Watch The Same TV Shows, On Purpose

She started rewatching Pretty Little Liars, so you did, too. Binge watching gets so much more fun when you have your bestie to discuss plot lines with. This goes hand-in-hand with number six – your text messages have become a string of TV theories.

8. You Plan Your #GirlGang Instagram Pictures

From the outfits to the captions, right down to the pose, you guys know what you want in your Instas. No shame, my bestie and I have been there, too. You gotta love a good squad pic.

9. You Identify As A Pop Culture Duo

Guille Faingold

The mark of a true friendship is deciding on your pop culture duo likeness. Whether it's Tina and Amy, Leslie and Ann, or Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, your duo captures the essence of your friendship. You might refer to each other by their names every once in a while, too.

10. Your Fights Last About 10 Seconds

You know you've met your college BFF when you can fight like sisters and make up in the next second. It takes two strong personalities like yours to make it work.

It doesn't matter if the argument is big or small; you both know that your friendship means too much to be ruined by a fight.